Recipe For A Country Wedding Reception

A Little Family History

We have “families” in sororities at UGA. My lil sis from my sorority is my sweet friend, Jessica. (Yes, we say “lil” instead of “little” when referring to our little sisters, for some reason.) Her lil sis is Sophe, my “gran lil sis.” And Sophe’s lil sis is my “great gran’ lil.” Follow?

A lot of the girls in “families” in sororities are not super close with their whole “family,” just maybe with their big sis or lil sis. I can honestly say that our family members all adored each other. My big sister was awesome and so was my grand big. All of the girls who joined my “family” while I was at UGA were girls I loved.

And we merged with another group of girls in the sorority to make one big family. Lots of the “families” in my sorority had cute, feminine names. The “angel family,” the “pearl family,” etc. Us? We were the “Izzles.” As in Jess was JPizzle and Sophe was Sophizzle, etc. It made us laugh, and it fit us. We are all goofy and silly and have fun together. And we still refer to our collective bunch as the Izzles. I love these girls.

And That Leads To The Point Of The Post

A couple months ago, Sophe got married in a sweet ceremony in a packed church and followed that up with a very fun, country reception. She, like her gran’ big sis (me), married a Georgia Tech grad whom she’d known since childhood. His name is Dusty, and they’re a great match.

I absolutely loved their reception, especially because their home has been lived in by her family for 7 generations (she is the 7th generation to live in it), and it was built in the 1800’s. Dusty and Sophe are renovating it, and I can’t wait to see how it turns out. There is also an equally old barn on the property. The country theme just tied right in with their new, laid-back lifestyle together.

Recipe for a Country Wedding Reception:

Take One Vintage Car Filled With Excited Newlywed Couple,

And throw them into to a country setting.

Add Natural Country Decor.

Mix in sign made from wood of family barn from the 1800s.

Have guests sign wooden boards that can be turned into a bench for the couple later.

Be sure to have on hand several beautiful bridesmaids dressed in sun dresses and cowboy boots,

As well as having all men in the wedding party and bridal family wear seersucker suits and bow-ties.

Throw in a pinch of cake and champagne.

Cook with friends and family who will still have fun sweating out the non-air-conditioned barn in July because they love the newlywed couple so dang much that they don’t mind.

Allow to cool with a beautiful sunset.

And serve with a heaping helping of love.


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