Fall. COME ON.

So, I am a professed lover of summer.  I really do love it.

What I don’t love is when the seasons can’t make up their minds on whose turn it is. For example, you wake up in the late spring/early summer days to cold temperatures, bundle up, and head out. Around lunch, you are uncomfortably warm in your pants and double-layered shirt. You start rolling up your sleeves. That night, you are chilled as you let your dogs out to potty.

Example number two: It’s been a long, very hot summer. You love summer time, and it’s fine. Around September, the mornings and nights are cool. Late evening (in the shade) is quite comfy. During the day? It’s scorching hot still.

It just makes you long for a new season, a change in temperature, clothes, scents, activities, and colors. It doesn’t really matter what the season is (well, except winter which is long, and cold, void of color, and only redeemed by Christmas-don’t even get me started on winter), you’re just ready for a change.

And that is where we find ourselves as residents in the upper half of Georgia these days. Cool evenings, nights, and mornings, with days that make you sweat. To be honest, I’m ready to be able to wear my new jeans and boots and sweater I got without thinking I’ll look like an idiot by lunch.

Last year, some friends of ours had just gotten their first SLR, and we were all playing with it in a “fall photo shoot.” Well, not really playing with it so much as we were just taking pictures of each other on the auto mode.

I’m extra excited about fall this year though, with my own SLR and knowledge of how to shoot in manual instead of auto and looking pasty-white. The colors of fall can be so vivid and rich. I want to capture it.

If only it would get here.

And also, Tom and I just finished watching all three seasons of Arrested Development and look forward to the movie. So if the “COME ON” made no sense to you, just ignore it. Or go watch it while you wait for the leaves to change.


ps-This was supposed to go out tomorrow. So…if you’re reading this on Wednesday night, surprise! You’re ahead of the game. Good job. 😉

11 thoughts on “Fall. COME ON.”

    1. They’re laughing with me, Michael! They’re Laughing! With me!

      (Oh, geez, seeing him fall from the crane in that banana suit about did me and Tom in. We laughed for like 3 minutes just in disbelief at that scene. Still one of my fave parts of the entire show. You gonna watch Running Wilde?)

  1. The leaves are beginning to change up here, but we are getting the warm one day, cool the next. Come and visit us for your fall colour needs!

  2. i will trade you! i will trade you! i will trade you!
    please send your summer heat and sun to us and I will most gladly send you our cold, rainy fall.

    you know how you swap out your “summer clothes” for your “winter clothes”? Well, my summer clothes had a lame two month stint in my closet. The winter clothes got brought back out this week. laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaammmmmeeeeeeeeee………its September people!

    1. Oh I’ll take Suwanee over St. Louis any day. Brrrr. Winter is TOO cold. And dreary. But you can start having smores! And fun clothes! And fires in the fireplaces in your house! And it will be fun to see Ella react to snow for the first time. =)

      1. Oh geez. Tom just pointed out to me that I responded to you like you were my sister. Wooops.

        Well, I’ll take Georgia weather over Washington State weather any day also. =) I could never live somewhere so rainy!!

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