This Is Called Procrastination.

I put off working on my posts until right before bed, and as I opened my computer, I saw that the link I had to go out on Facebook for Tuesday’s post had not gone out at around 9AM as it was supposed to, but had been sitting there, waiting for me to enter words to ensure I wasn’t a spambot.

Dang it.

I would have caught it sooner, but I was a bit busy running around with Will and helping unpack the Lineberry’s new house. Then I came home and soaked my feet like I’m 80 because they were killing me. I had barely sat down all day. Then I made dinner, ate, and got into a book I’m reading.

I thought about working on my blog. Then I turned the page and kept reading. This might have been repeated one, two, three, umm…thirtyish times.

Then, suddenly, it was time for bed.


Procrastination had gotten me once again. So I grabbed my laptop and saw what had happened with Facebook that morning.

“Dang It!”  I said.

“What?” Tom asked.

I told him what happened. He said, “Just link to your other posts, especially the one that’s link was late going out, from this week again. They were long enough.”

I decided to not take the last sentence as a jab. And to type an explanation. Tom says this isn’t “procrastination.” This is “metablogging.”

And to that I say, “Well…yep. Kinda. Yep. Oh well.”

Please feel free to go make some homemade laundry soap now.

Or maybe attend a country wedding reception in McDonough (pronounced Mc-Dawn-Uh), Ga from the comfort of your home. Or office if you’re reading this at work.

Happy Wednesday. I’ll quit metablogging as a result of procrastination tomorrow.


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