Kids Are Weird

I took Will over to Jonathan and Lisa’s house on Friday to play with my nephew and nieces and so that I could hang out with Lisa some also. I had a great time catching up with Lisa, and I always have fun with Tyler, Madeline, Anna Kate, and Violet (and, of course, Will). He does so well with other kids, and they LOVE him.

I was taking some pictures of Violet and Anna Kate playing with Will right after he finished eating but before I got him out of the high chair.

As I looked back through the pictures this weekend, some of them made me look again…What was going on??

Somebody, anybody, please help me understand.

…Kids are weird.


9 thoughts on “Kids Are Weird”

  1. She was just telling him to talk to the hand. That’s a very sassy and streetwise kid. She’s going to make that boy her lapdog in the years to come.

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