Don’t Have A Heart Attack

What I’m about to show you may be disturbing. Viewer discretion advised. Especially if messiness causes your brain to seize up, your blood to race, and your adrenaline to kick into overdrive.

I think it’s safe to say that organization is not my strong point.

It doesn’t come naturally to me.

I could fit in in a pigpen rather well.

That, my friends, is supposed to be my desk. The Force of denial is strong with this one.

Denial, you ask?

Yes, denial.

Here’s how this works: I am in a rush and already have about 4 things going on on top of my desk, so as I run out the door, I put that thing I need to get to later on top of the four other projects on the desk.

Later, Tom sees something in the mail for me and sets it on my desk.

I finish a book and set it on my desk.

I write a letter and set the pack of notecards on my desk.

I get codes to enter into mycokerewards, and the codes go on my desk.

I see that the dogs are scared of the storm, so I set an old blanket on my chair for them to sit in. Then I set more stuff there later- jackets, a large picture in a tube, cables.

Something comes from shutterfly and lands on my desk.

I buy organizational baskets with good intentions and leave them collecting junk on my desk.

And the stuff from the desk is about to overflow, so it also gets to sit on the floor around the desk.

And then…

I look at my desk and office space, and I see not junk, not stuff to sort through, but time. Time I need to use on so many other things being spent instead on cleaning my desk. I feel guilt that we bought this desk that I love and am not using but instead am sitting with my laptop on the couch. I feel horror that the scrapbook I need to finish for my sister is suffocating in the background of this chaos.

I stop going into the office. Because if I can’t see the desk, I don’t have to deal with it.

That is denial, Meghan-style.

It’s embarrassing but true. What always happens though, is that it gets so bad that even I can’t stand it anymore, and I HAVE to do something about it.

First, I have to sort the stuff I need from the stuff that is no longer useful thanks to how long it has been sitting there collecting dust. I put the stuff I don’t want anymore in the trash. My dogs are bewildered. “Mom? Organizing? Desk? How do these things go together? I am so confused! The world has gone mad!”

Then I take all the stuff I want to keep but need to sort through and put it on Tom’s desk in the meantime. His desk that was super organized and pristine until I started working on my desk.

Just for kicks, I leave my stuff there and call him into the office and tell him that I’ve finished the oranization and that it looks great. He half-laughs, half-moans “nooooo!” I laugh at him and I tell him that I will have his desk back to normal soon.

And when I’m done, I can actually SEE my desk again. Amazing. And there are even little labels I typed up for each of the green bins, so I know what to put where. Didn’t know I had it in me, did ya?

And the floor! There’s a floor under there!

“Hey look, Liam, there is carpet in here! It’s awesome! Let’s shed fur all over it!”

And, okay, yes, there is still a huge Victoria’s Secret bag full of books on the floor, but my shelves are full. You are welcome to come build me some new bookshelves, though!

I’m not exactly sure what’s been going on, but lately I’ve been on an organizing frenzy. I unpacked Will’s room when they moved as well as about 80% of their kitchen and dining room. I even enjoyed doing that. And before I cleaned my desk, I had tackled the pantry. Weeks before, in fact. I took everything out, sorted it into bins, and put it all back according to where I needed stuff. I’ll try to show you, though it was hard to take pictures of shelves in such a small room.

Far left wall: Hooks for cleaning stuff and for aprons. I love aprons and own many. Plus a step ladder because I am short, people. Ps-the hooks have been there for over a year, so nothing new, but I love them.

Straight ahead when you walk-in, on the bottom:

Straight ahead when you walk-in, at eye level and above:

To the right when you walk in, from the top:

To the right when you walk in, in the middle:

To the right when you walk in, on the bottom:

That’s our doggy central in the corner. It has some toys, medicines, treats, leashes, baggies, brushes, etc. If I leave the pantry door open, one of the pups will try to quietly sneak in and rummage around for a treat when I’m not looking. Usually I sneak up behind them and say their name. It’s hilarious to watch them jump straight up then back out of the pantry really fast.

For the record, having these bins to keep everything organized has made it easy to STAY organized. The thing is, I like being orderly, I just don’t usually enjoy the process of cleaning and organizing.

And that is why my mom used to tell me that no man would ever marry me if I couldn’t figure out how to keep a place clean. Apparently, you have to pass an organizational test before men will propose.

Just kidding, mom. Even though you did say that first part.

I had a plan, see? No boys were allowed in my room (except family members), so Tom could never see how bad my room looked until he would come hang out at my apartment in college. And by then, we had talked about marriage. It was a done deal.

Actually, there was no plan other than, “it’s not 1950, so you can help me do the cleaning when we get married.” (He does do some of the cleaning!)

And Tom used to get a little nervous about how messy our house would be when we got married because we are total opposites in the OCD organization category. But, to both our surprise, we’ve found thatย I get totally stressed out when people come to our house if it’s not clean. I’m trying to learn to just keep it clean so that I don’t care, but that’s hard to do with two shedding dogs and long work days away from the house.

Also, I’m more likely to care about the overall house being in disarray in general and am more likely to clean it.ย Just not my desk.

My desk belongs to me. It is not shared space, but private territory. And as such, it falls into the world of clutter every now and then.

It’s not the end of the world; I’ll clean it eventually! And I’ll even let you look at pictures of how messy I am and how much of a struggle organization is for me.

Just don’t have a heart attack.


25 thoughts on “Don’t Have A Heart Attack”

  1. I entertain a lot so my entire house gets messy pretty quickly. I’ve had two parties in the last three weeks with 20+ people in the first and 10+ in the second. Nothing messes up your house like people and food. Lots of food. Oh and kids. And friends. Haha.

    So my house gets messy sometimes though I love keeping it clean. I have to go on these in-between-social-entertaining cleaning frenzies. I’m honestly this close to hiring a 2x a month maid because I don’t get home until after six either and I really don’t feel like deep cleaning after an entire day working. Especially since I tend to come home and work on my photography. I really don’t have much brainpower after that.

    Truthfully, mess stresses me out. When I’m done with an epic clean and my house is squeaky clean and febreeze’d and all the glade plugins are freshly replaced, I sleep like a rock. I feel really good about everything. It’s -actually- linked to my mood. But sometimes I let my house sit in a state of disarray while I recoup from everything, but not for too long before I have to reorganize/sweep/mop my way to sanity.

    I am definitely looking forward to the benefit of cleaning helper #2 that comes with marriage. Haha. ๐Ÿ™‚

    And wow your pantry actually has food in it. My pantry has more cat food than me food in it. But we do have one thing in common.

    Nutella. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. While parties/people/food can get pretty out of hand, I prefer “nothing messes up your house like a demolition crew.”

      Unless, of course, it’s a demolition crew party, which really does get out of hand. Those guys were all really reserved in high school, and now that they’re adults they don’t really have any self-control. It’s like every time they get together, they have to blow something up. Sheesh, kids these days.

      1. Whereas when you were in high school, you blew things up every time you and your guy friends got together, and now as an adult you don’t. You did the reverse. =)

    2. It definitely is much easier to relax in a clean space; I agree. But I’m with you in that after a long day of work, cleaning is the last thing I want to do. Also, working out is not something I feel like doing after work either. So far, I can take Will on walks during the day and get my exercise. Now, if I could only figure out a way to clean my house while I work….I’m actually thinking of getting a crib for my house to see how he does with naps. If he could sleep over there sometimes, I think I’d have a much neater house.

      I had no idea you entertained so much! You’re quite the party-thrower! I hope you have those people bring food and drinks or else it could get expensive having that many people over all the time! Sounds fun, though! =)

      As far as the food thing…yeah, I like to eat. A lot. haha But the thing that is the worst for me is going to make a meal or bake something and not having the ingredients on hand. So a lot of that stuff is there for that reason. It cracks me up that you saw the Nutella. It’s probably one of the most talked about things in my pantry. The other day, one of my girlfriends was over and said, “I love how organized your pantry is, but I love you so much for having Nutella.” hahaha

      1. I love parties.
        Mostly I like people.
        And charades/taboo/any 5+ person game.
        And food.

        That’s pretty much the definition of a party right?

        I’m taking a bit of a party break while I diet (parties + diets = pretty epic fails) but I’m hosting a Halloween Costume party late October to break my diet as well as just enjoy one of my favorite candy-centric holidays of the year.

        ๐Ÿ™‚ You guys are so close, maybe you can drop by.

        1. Sounds awesome! We might actually be helping my nephew and nieces with trick-or-treating, but thanks for the invite. So fun! I love costume parties.

          In my book, any large group of ppl with food and those games = a party. I love taboo, apples to apple, cranium and more. And food. And friends. So I think we’re on the same page.

          1. Since Halloween falls on a Sunday this year, I doubt I’ll be holding it on the 31st but I’ll send you an official invite closer to the date.

            Hope you guys have fun trick or treating. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. OMG! highfive for cleaning it.. but i’m kinda surprised Tom was able to let that go that far! haha.. I think you and Eryn share the same kind of “work space” mentality….

    1. Yeah, he hated it. Every now and then he would ask me if I was going to clean it. I think his passive-aggressive way of getting back at me for it was to put mail on my desk and not tell me. Then I would finally mention waiting for something only to find that he’d seen it come in two weeks before. I’d say, “Why didn’t you tell me?” And he’d say, “I put it on your desk.” Needless to say, that was not well received.

      It’s so rare for me to hear of other girls that are messy. Usually it’s the dude in a relationship that has that in common with me. But so far, I’ve heard of at least 3 other girls that are like me. It’s kind of a relief not to be the only one!!

  3. Meghan,
    You’re not alone. I am the most unorganized person in the world. You should see my my desk and table in my classroom. I blame it on my absent-mindedness and my ADD. I start things, but then something attracts my attention and I never finish what I started which means I never know where I put things. I feel like the safest way to handle my craziness is by just dumping things on any flat surface (ie: bedroom floor, top of tables and desks, etc.) It’s good in theory but not so much in practice.

    Supposedly, if things have a “place” and they’re put in their place, it’s easy to be organized. But I can never make up my mind where I want things, so I end up making “neat piles”. And those neat piles eventually become messy piles that just grow and grow and grow and well, it becomes one hot mess.

    I’m very impressed by your closet organization skills. You’ve given me hope. Can you come and organize my life? I’d appreciate it.

    I seriously adore this blog.

    1. Thanks, Blair!! I’m so glad you enjoy reading it!

      And, whew! I’m not alone! Though, you seem to have legit excuses for why you do that, whereas I’m just a messy person. haha I saw all those bins at Wal-Mart when all the college kids were going back to school, and I thought that they might work to make me get a grip on my mess! Thankfully, they worked! I only wish they had had them in clear. They had pink, blue, green and orange. I thought pink would be too girly for Tom, blue would be too dark for such a small space, orange would be too bright, so green it was.

      I have some friends who actually ENJOY doing this stuff. Crazy. I mean, they could do it for a living. Unfortunately, I’m not one of them, so I probably would be of little help to you! haha

  4. Now that’s the Meghan that used to live at my house…truthfully I think you have improved alot. At least it bothers you now to have a messy house and you do something about it–good job on the pantry!!

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