Friday Favorite: cafeninteen

I’m not really a big coffee drinker, so it might seem like this is an odd choice for a Friday Favorite. But there’s more to a place than just the drinks, so let’s dive in!

Cafenineteen is a cafe (you probably caught that already) located in Atlantic Station in Atlanta, Georgia, near (across from) the movie theater.  Tom and I recently met some friends in Atlantic Station to grab a bite to eat and catch a movie. We finished our meal so early that we had time to kill, and since it was a late night movie, they voted we go hang out where there was caffeine on the menu.

This led us to cafenineteen. People were sitting indoors and outside, music was playing, and the interior looked cool, so we headed in.

While everyone else was checking out the drinks menu, I was feasting my eyes on the desserts.

Tom and our three friends decided that they each wanted to get an espresso. A girl came and took our order at our table and brought them back some pretty little drinks.

They all said they thought their drinks were great, so if you love caffeinated drinks, you should check this place out.  Cafenineteen serves Illy coffee as their brand of choice.

I was so full from dinner that I didn’t get dessert, but looking back at the pictures, I’m thinking that next time I’m in Atlantic Station, I’ll be swinging by cafenineteen to pick up something sweet.

As it was, I was too distracted by the great conversation to care. And by the ambiance of the cafe. I loved this glowing chandelier.

It was definitely rather dark inside at night, but I liked the low lighting, the long drapes to the ground by the windows, and the intimate atmosphere.

They also had a tv with sports on, which you can see reflected in the windows. So if you need your team on tv, this place has you covered. I noticed some people taking advantage of the wireless connection as they worked on their laptops and sipped coffees. Most people were there with someone else or in a group.

Cafenineteen also offers alcoholic beverages and a menu for lunch and breakfast. If I ate out a lot and lived nearby, this would probably be an often-visited spot for me.

As it is, I live in Suwanee, and that’s quite a drive for breakfast. So y’all can enjoy this spot for me! If you’re in Atlantic Station and get a coffee craving or need to feed your sweet tooth, swing by cafenineteen.

You can visit cafenineteen at 232 19th St Suite 7100, Atlanta, GA.


6 thoughts on “Friday Favorite: cafeninteen”

    1. Tom and I have been there. We went for a Valentines Day dessert after dinner a few years ago. I think Cafe Intermezzo is great, but probably not quite as casual as cafeninteen, and it’s a bit bigger of an establishment as well than cafenineteen if I remember correctly. Also, I think Cafe Int. is a bit more expensive.

  1. I’ve got an idea for a Friday favorite…St. Louis – your favorite place to visit your sister’s house! I think you should visit and do some research and take pictures!

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