Can Of Worms

I realize that what I’m about to say might open up a huge can of worms. But I feel like saying it anyway. Here goes.

I love Glee.


I think it’s a great show, fun to watch, loaded with talented people, and crammed with great songs. I don’t even care that they push every liberal argument out there. I wouldn’t care if they pushed every conservative argument out there. I’m not swayed from my own opinions by a tv show, and I enjoy the rest of it enough to overlook political agendas or personal opinions seeping through the themes of each episode.

That said, there is one episode that bothers me.

Let me ask you a question: If a single woman had a daughter in high school and a single man had a son in high school, and these two parents decided to move in together, would they make the teenage daughter share a room and bathroom with the teenage son?

What if the teen boy had a crush on the teen girl?

What if he orchestrated the parents getting together specifically because he considered himself in love with this girl and wanted her and her mom to move in so he could share a room with her?

What if the daughter first said she didn’t want to move out of her house, then said she didn’t want to move into that boy’s room, but was told to deal with it for a while until they could afford to add on to the house?

What if when she finally had had enough and called out the boy on his intentions and had a bit of a temper tantrum, the boy’s dad overheard and yelled at the girl and kicked her out of the house?

Can we all accept that this teen girl has been screwed over? I can.

I think it’s total crap. The boy had an ulterior motive all along. He got his way. She protested. She was ignored. When she got mad, she got in trouble- not just in trouble but kicked out with no where to go. And the boy was made to look like the victim. It’s not fair, and we can all see that.

The exact same scenario that I mentioned above is what happened in Glee last season, except that a boy, Kurt, had a crush on another boy, Finn who is straight. So, I think it’s fair to say that when I saw the clip below, though it was between two boys, I felt rankled for Finn.

He did throw out the word “fag” a couple of times, and I do take issue with that. Even if you find being gay wrong, it doesn’t give you the right to be demeaning and horrid to someone who is gay. And I absolutely think that Kurt’s dad had the right to be upset about Finn using that word. I have some friends who are gay and would be upset to find out someone talked to them like that, for sure.

HOWEVER. I do NOT feel like this was a fair situation. Finn would most likely never have said anything so insulting if he hadn’t been forced to live with someone who openly had feelings for him, flirted with him, wanted people to think they were dating. If it were two kids of the opposite sex, the parents would have been considerate of this. But just because they’re boys, Finn was expected to be okay with it.

In a world that calls for equality for all and gay rights, I can’t fathom why a show pushing those equal rights would act like Finn and Kurt’s situation shouldn’t have been treated the same way as it would have for two teens of the opposite sex.

Or why Finn shouldn’t get to defend himself.

Or why the parents didn’t even try to understand that maybe, just maybe, Kurt had pushed Finn past all reasonable limits by manipulating this situation into being.

There was no equality in this situation. What Finn said was wrong. But what Kurt did was wrong too, and, in my opinion, far more inconsiderate seeing as it had Finn moved completely out of his house and into a room with someone against his will.

It’s a show. It didn’t really happen. I get that. But in the end? Finn puts on a dress and stands up to bullies to show Kurt that he’s sorry.

What the what?

He never explains himself to the parents. Never gets an apology from Kurt. Finn apologizes for what he said, but he’s never heard out and never apologized to for Kurt’s part in this or for Kurt’s dad not hearing him out at all.

It’s all Finn’s fault, apparently, no matter how he was treated, because Kurt is gay. I’m not anti-gays. I’m not. But I think absolving anyone from their part in a bad situation for any reason (race, sexual preference, income bracket, etc.) is wrong and very unfair. And that’s when I think a show has taken an agenda too far.

What do you think?

(I should state that if there is any really nasty stuff said to anyone in the comments, or any cussing I will remove it. I know this can be a sensitive issue, but let’s be respectful, please.)


12 thoughts on “Can Of Worms”

    1. No, he’s not. That’s why he gets so mad about being forced to share a room with a dude who has a crush on him. I’ll add that above to make it more clear.

      1. Yeah…. in general I think gay people get upset when people insinuate they hit on/pursue straight folks so I don’t know how real-world this is but sometimes saying sorry first just absolves you of your responsibility in the situation. Maybe Finn just stepped up.

        That Kurt didn’t apologize might be because most people don’t view the manipulation of situations and people to be closer to the person you really like all that terrible. The fact that they’re younger definitely makes this a slightly different issue. Two teens living in the same room while one likes the other? Awkward! Maybe this is just bad parenting.

        And it’s kind of weird to like your stepbrother.

        Dunno. Glee sounds kinda soap opera-y. Maybe it’s just part of that trend.

        1. I definitely think this falls to bad parenting. The main person that ticked me off in this episode was Kurt’s dad. The mom and the dad should each have put their sons first and not forced this on Finn.

          The parents in this instance aren’t married, just living together, so the boys aren’t step-brothers. They just go to high school together and share a bedroom.

          “most people don’t view the manipulation of situations and people to be closer to the person you really like all that terrible.” I hope that’s not true. I guess in some ways it could be no big deal, but not in this situation. He had Finn’s family moved out of their home. That’s pretty big.

          1. There is movie after movie where people do insane things to be near someone they’ve fallen for. Just usually, they’re adults.

            It certainly is big, but some people may feel sorry for Kurt who’s led by romantic feelings. It’s not like he has it out for Finn right? He’s just going about it the wrong way?

            Okay maybe now I have to watch Glee.

  1. I know you’ve already hit on this, but I get the message they’re trying to convey and I think it’s a good one.

    But the point that was attempting to be made in this particular situation would’ve carried much more merit if the conditions leading up to the actual argument weren’t so poorly constructed.

    1. Agreed. We had a similar discussion when this aired (yes, we are total Glee-kers).
      The situation was totally unfair with the blame one sided (given enough time, I would have reacted the same as Finn) but this is one of my favorite non-singing scenes in the show so far. It was such an explosion of emotion from Kurt’s Dad. Everyone’s reactions felt believable in the moment (even if the lead-in and follow-up could have been better).

      1. I was so frustrated because when I watched it, Tom wasn’t caught up, and I had to wait months for him to see it so I could tell him how irritated it made me! haha Thankfully I watched this episode with my sister-in-law, so we could at least say how unfair it was to each other. 😉

  2. I never have watched Glee nor will I ever do so.

    But I agree with Tom in that the situation leading up to the climactic scene with Kurt’s Dad admonishing Finn was poorly put together. It was constructed in a way that absolves Kurt entirely despite his manipulation of the entire scenario. In the end, all you’re left with is Finn basically looking like the anti-gay bully.

    And you’re not opening up a can of worms Meghan. These kinds of discussions are often necessary, particularly within the realm of pop culture.

    1. Thanks, Jay. If you love music, you might like the show for that reason alone. Pretty much every genre gets covered. But I won’t try any further to convert you! 😉

      It was really poorly put together in this instance. Tom said to me later that it sounded like the director/writer had this speech prepared way before the episode was written and just was looking for a chance to use it. I agree with that, for sure.

      Glad you don’t feel I opened a can of worms. =) Thankfully haven’t had any explosive responses to it.

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