Toys Are Overrated

I love how with kids, it doesn’t matter how many toys they have, they just want to play with the random stuff you have around the house. I remember turning paper towel rolls into horns and cardboard boxes into houses or forts.

Will is old enough to start doing this as well. Also, he’s teething like crazy.

At the park, after I pushed him in the swing for a little while, I thought he might want to play with the playground equipment. Wrong. Know what he was into? Wood chips.

Oh, and a bird on the fence. He always notices birds.

I think it will be another year or so until he really grasps how playgrounds are supposed to work. Until then…cardboard and woodchips hold his interest.

What non-toy did you enjoy playing with as a kid?

6 thoughts on “Toys Are Overrated”

    1. I know people use them as sleds in the south too. I mean, we don’t get enough snow to invest in real sleds, so our redneck versions work pretty well to that end.

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