Landmark Birthdays And Their Bucket Lists

You know about bucket lists? You know, things you really want to do before you “kick the bucket?” Well, one of my friends has made a similar list for things she wants to do before she turns 30 in four years. She came up with 30 things she wants to do before she’s 30.

I decided I wanted to follow suit. Apparently, though, I’m less ambitious, because I could only come up with 15 things I wanted to do before 30.

I mean, there are more things on my bucket list, but to accomplish them in the next five years would be unreasonable. Of course, by the time my Nana was my age, she had learned to fly a plane, gotten her pilot’s license, bought a plane, flown all over the country with one of her girlfriends, been published in a flying magazine, and gotten married.

Things are so different in the world now. Nowadays, being adventurous costs a lot of  money, people.

That’s her on the far right, cranking the plane. Rock on, Nana.

Anyway, here’s my list of things to do before 30:

1. Skydive.

2. Have a baby or two or three.

3. Travel to Italy.

4. Go to New York, Phoenix,  St. Louis, and Pittsburgh for fun & to visit friends and family WITH Tom. (I’ve been to 2 of those places without him already.)

5. Take a dance class in salsa and/or swing dancing.

6. Get in awesome physical condition.

7. Go on a tropical vacation again with just my hubby.

8. Become good enough in photography to make it a form of volunteering.

9. Get over 100 subscribers to my blog.

10. Learn to sew.

11. Turn my t-shirts from college into something (like a quilt) so I don’t have to keep them hanging in my closet anymore.

12. Complete décor in my home so that it reflects me and Tom throughout.

13. Complete my three year stint of leading in Xtreme.

14. Teach Sam and Liam not to jump on people when they come in the door. (This might actually take until I’m 30.)

15. Go on a mission trip. (No, I’ve actually never been on one.)

I have 4.5 years to accomplish those things. That’s really not a lot of time.

How much time do you have before your next landmark birthday? (I think of these as 1-your first, 10-your first double digit, 13-first teen bday, 16-hello, driver’s license!, 18-legal adult, 21-legal to drink, 25-finally actually feel like an adult, 30-no longer in your 20’s, 40-over the hill, 50-mid-life, 60, 70, 80, 85, 90, 95, and every year after 95, really.)

What do you hope to accomplish before that birthday?


4 thoughts on “Landmark Birthdays And Their Bucket Lists”

  1. Warning: this will be long and poorly numbered.

    1. Get married without my family imploding. This will be hard.

    1.5 Travel to India for1-2 months and reconnect with my motherland. This might actually happen next year as my cousin closest in age is getting married in December, the perfect time to go. (90 degree weather anyone?).

    2. Take one of those 14 day hike trips that I see on Or pretty much do any of the long vacations on jetsetter. They all look awesome. I was also considering doing one of those week or two week long mission trips like you mentioned above, instead of this so that I can help people and kind of see the new area too. Maybe take one Jetsetter and one GlobalX trip?

    2.5. Finish the US Citizenship process.

    3. Take at least six 4-day weekend trips per year to shoot some locations in the south east, north east, and central USA. The four days I spent in FL this year was epic and recharged me amazingly! I think this is something I can do starting next year. Thankfully my vacation days are increasing significantly both next year and the year after so I don’t have to sacrifice my week off between Christmas and new years to do this.

    3.5 Finish writing my novel and at least self-publish. NaNoWriMo is coming up so I’m planning on a lot of progress that month.

    4. Hit six figures/yr. before 30. Totally on track to do this due to the progress I’ve made with Ramit Sethi’s techniques, which I love. Plus my parents are pushing me succeed with that financial goal in mind, sort of as a foundation for my earnings the following 10-15 years… and it’s true as much as they can annoy me I still kind of strive to meet their expectations. It’s also the number I need to be able to live comfortably on my own or with a partner while not sacrificing any of my retirement saving or church giving, while still being able to plan a couple week-long exotic photo trips a year and buy all the camera gear/electronics I’ll need/want. Also a sub goal of this to still maintain a sub-55 hour work week, otherwise it’s not worth the $$ to me.

    4.5. Finish Grad school both for the experience and to network with some business professionals that can help me reach my earnings and career interest goals. Especially people who know the value of working hard at working smart.

    5. Learn to kayak on those duck-bill looking kayaks. And not fail so hard when I fall into the water. I’d also like to quit having accidents every time I try an extreme sport. This is also partially why skydiving mildly terrifies me because I’m accident prone in that area of life. It’s also why I’m interested in going. I’m a conflicted person when it comes to risk. I get it from my dad.

    6. Lose 50lbs so my doctor quits being mad at me, and so I can enter my thirties being a healthy weight. This is easily my biggest struggle. Getting over this hurdle would probably satisfy me more than earning 6figs or traveling everywhere. I don’t look nearly as much as I weigh, which kind of makes it easier for me to ignore my weight to a degree. This is bad. To give you an idea my BMI is 31. Yeah. Apparently this means I’m obese. I don’t look or feel that way though. Still, I don’t want heart disease or cancer. So it’s a big goal for me.

    7. Be completely debt free. I’m not sure I can do this before I’m thirty. I don’t have any credit card debt or anything but I owe money on a house and a car, and this eats up almost half my earnings every month! This sucks so I am hoping to live in a paid-off home, driving a paid-off car in my thirties. This ideal kind of conflicts with my desire to drive a sexy coupe. But I think it’s ok as long as I have a paid off house.

    And truly I have only one true overlying goal. Defined nicely on Oprah’s twitter feed earlier today: Be grateful for what you have, while in pursuit of what you want -Jim Rohn

    If I’m not excited and happy to pursue my goals… I don’t need to be pursuing them.

    And pretty much that’s my only real goal. If anything gets in the way of my contentedness long term, it’s something I need to re-evaluate. So far only my current diet makes me unhappy but that’s because I’m an eater, and I know it. :p

    1. This was a fun list to read. I think I would like to do a GlobalX trip also. I’m totally with you on losing weight…it’s so hard to commit to doing yet so important. Good for you on getting debt free! Big goal! And I didn’t realize you weren’t fully a citizen yet. Interesting. If you can remember to, I’d love it if you’d update me on when you accomplish all these goals. It’s fun to encourage each other with progress! =)

  2. The best lists (whether they are just regular to-do lists or extreme bucket lists) include an equal amount of challenging things and not-so-challenging things. I would encourage you to complete your 30 before 30 list with 15 easier-to-acheive things. This way, you don’t get discouraged that you’re not completing goals. Half of my 30 before 30 things I could technically do this month, but I’m not going to because it will be better for me to see myself crossing things off the list later on. Does that make sense?

    Even my day-to-day to-do lists are like this:
    1. Wash jeans
    2. buy stamps at the post office
    3. mail package to Laura
    4. clean litter box
    5. organize sewing materials
    6. take sewing machine into be cleaned
    7. shop for new boots
    8. buy pumpkins
    9. wash sweaters
    10. make guest beds

    So items 2, 3, 4, 8, and 10 are SUPER easy. The others I kind of need to set-aside real time to do. I also NEVER put “Do laundry” on my list — I always divide it up into the various loads, that way I can really cross off what I’ve done.

    I LOOOOOVE crossing things off of my lists 🙂 I would give myself a cookie every time I completed something, but then I’d have to work out a lot more.

    1. I’m not a huge list-maker. I do for trips sometimes and for grocery stores, but lists aren’t usually a part of my daily life. Good tips from a list maker! =)

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