Friday Favorite: Unique Stuffed Animals

In the last year, these absolutely adorable, homemade-style stuffed animals have become all the rage. And I have fallen for them. What I really love is that they don’t look like anything you see in stores, that they’re so charming, and that you can have them made with whatever fabrics you like, which means your (or-more likely-your child’s) toy is much more unique than most stuffed animals.

I fully intend to get some for my kids whenever they appear on the scene. Elephants, owls, foxes, and whales especially appeal to me. Below, I’ll share some of my favorites and where I found them online. Christmas is fast approaching, so I wanted to make sure these were on your radar for the kiddos and babies in your life.


Orange owl from Manic Muffin Totes.

Black and red owl from Buttercupbloom.

This button-eyed owl from

Eyelashes Owl How-To from Women’s Day.


Pink demask elephant from The Flippy Flea.

Cute elephant pdf from Retromama.

Button Legged Elephant from Hand Made Awards.

Knit Elephant from Precious Knits.


Orange Fox from Titchables.

Red fox from Sleepy King.


Narwhal Whale from Banana Nut Head.

Closed Eyed Whale by Biggy Piggy.

If you’re crafty, you might be able to make some of these on your own. But if you’d rather skip the work, you can certainly purchase these from the people linked above. Enjoy!


7 thoughts on “Friday Favorite: Unique Stuffed Animals”

  1. Those are cute! My niece is turning one in a month and I think she’d like one to gnaw on.

    Kids destroy things , and as you mentioned earlier, they wind up liking cardboard boxes and paper towel tubes more than anything the first few years. If only they could appreciate some good fabric! LOL.

    That reminds me, as adults, we can still totally appreciate toys. I personally really love fully articulating anything. This is kind why I loved legos and why there were never enough hinge and swivel parts for me when I was a kid. Barbie never held by interest because she was just so stiff. Five moving parts? Pshh.

    The unfortunate thing for adults is that the market understands that we still like toys. Lately Japanese and Korean companies have started developing fully articulate, finely detailed dolls. They make wigs, eyes, specific hands, feet, and body structures, along with super-detailed attire. People like me drool over this kind of thing. Unfortunately, most dolls cost between 300 and 600 dollars. Yikes!

    But as an example, I am totally in love with this doll though I’ll probably never buy it.

    1. Holy cow, that is one expensive doll. I would be afraid to touch it. I’m with you though on Barbies. I never liked them. I loved American Girl Dolls and Cabbage Patch Kids though. =)

      When I think of toys for adults, I think iPad and cameras and smart phones and tvs and stuff. $650 for a doll? That’s crazy for me. But to each her own!

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