Curtains Are Wreaking Havoc On My Emotions

Yesterday, I didn’t open my laptop once. It was awesome.

Today, I’m back at it. Missed y’all!

Anyway, something that has been on my mind (and my computer and my lips and my catalogs…) lately is curtains.


Let’s all just wait a minute while the guys’ eyes glaze over and they close this blog post.

Okay, all who remained, let’s continue. =)

Curtains. They’re ruining everything.


When I think of them, I run the gamut of emotions.


…when I consider how awesome I want them to be. They will be lined with black out fabric, have a magnetic strip so that they connect when closed and let no light slip through, and have gauzy sheer curtains behind them to softly filter sunlight when the main curtains are open. Ideally, they will be made of a fabric that can be in both the living room (painted brown) and kitchen (painted red) since those rooms are open to each other. And I would love it if the fabric was textured. And if they were lined with a fabric that is darker so that it won’t matter if people touch it on the edges. And I want a different fabric from the main fabric on the bottom (maybe same as lining) so that if the dogs or little kids go by it, it won’t show dirt easily.


…when I think about how we have no window treatments in our whole house (other than blinds), and who knows when we will? Tom and I don’t like to buy things unless we can pay them in full, so they have been simmering away on the back burner for a while.


…with myself for being so impatient. I don’t want to be ungrateful for what I have. It’s just that there’s always something else that we need to do in our house.


…when I look online and in catalogs and can’t find anything like what I am picturing.


…when I find out that the lady who custom-made Will’s curtains is reasonably priced.


…when I think of having to go out and find the perfect fabric and some other fabric that looks perfect with it then find enough of it at a good price. Then explain exactly what I want to whoever I end up using to make it and hope they get it right.


…when I think of owning a sewing machine, taking classes, and just making these dang curtains myself.


…when I think of making my own curtains.


…when I remember I don’t know how to sew.


…about knowing how to sew when I realize that I’d probably just screw up the curtains, waste the fabric, buy more, and pay someone who’s a pro anyway.


…about how they will turn out when done.


…about getting curtains and having our house look more complete.

And then I’m back to square one.



20 thoughts on “Curtains Are Wreaking Havoc On My Emotions”

  1. Ha, ha. the only curtains in our house are the ones that the person who used to live here left behind. And yes, I left them up. So we’ve got weird curtains on about a third of our windows.

  2. Home Depot and Lowes has really nice curtains. They’re usually kind of expensive but if you keep tabs on the retail seasons, you can catch great deals at the end of each one. Anna’s Linens has tons of fabrics and also window treatments at very reasonable prices.

    And of course, Macys has great window treatments if you ever want to take a look. 🙂

    1. I have some curtains that we had in the apartment, and I’m not against using store curtains, BUT since we are planning to be in our house for quite some time, we want to get curtains that are exactly what we are looking for…which means custom. I’m willing to pay a little more for that.

      But thanks for the info! That’s good to know for other rooms that I might not mind having non-customized curtains in. =)

  3. Don’t worry….I sew, have been in my house for 2.5 years and have just now begun the last window treatment in my living room/kitchen area!!!!! BUT, I have a ticking time-bomb in my belly reminding me that I have to get two valences, one shade and crib bed skirt done by February!!!

    Finding the fabric you LOVE at a good price is an art in itself!!! Try looking for fabric that you like in a store and look for it online at a cheaper price!

    If you want to learn to sew, now is the time to do it when you are kid-less 🙂 Like I mentioned before, even if you never sew a window treatment, the Atlanta Sewing Center in Duluth has some awesome beginner classes so you can learn to do little or fun stuff (hemming, kids clothes, tote bags, table linens etc). They even have professional drapery seminars if that becomes your passion (I WILL take this class at some point in my life….I WILL….I WILL!). Good luck!

    1. That makes me feel better. Of course we’ve been here only one less year than you’ve been in your house and have NO curtains. haha But I am so glad to know where you learned to sew!! I remember you and Lisa also recommended certain sewing machine brands that break down after not too long and that can’t handle heavy fabrics. Can you remind me which brands to avoid?

  4. Curtains are the easiest thing to learn to sew — its all straight lines! (its what they use to teach kids to sew in home economics classes in high school).

    I bet you could borrow a sewing machine and make them yourself easily! You’re very crafty 🙂

    1. Valances especially make me nervous. I think I might let a pro handle the living room, dining room, and kitchen, and then I’ll try to learn so I can make some for the bedrooms. Thanks for the encouragement. I feel like I can tackle curtains now!

      1. See my other comment below, but you can always get a book on window treatments at the library and follow its instructions on making simple panel curtains (how to measure and how much hem to add etc.).

    1. Well, that depends. Sometimes I don’t want Tom to care because that means I can pick whatever I like! haha But other times I want to punch a hole through the wall when I am putting all this thought into something and he couldn’t care less. I bet Naomi knows what I’m talking about. haha Too bad for y’all that you have to figure out when to care and when not to care! 😉

      This just happens to be something Tom does care about; he’s as ready as I am (almost) for our downstairs to at least look more complete and (higher up on his list) for the light to be completely blocked when we watch movies.

  5. I have a great fabric store in Atlanta that I went to for all my design projects. You can cut your own samples of whatever you want so you can make sure it really matches your paint at home. I’m about due for a visit there so if you guys want to meet up and go just let me know!

  6. I was told by my repairman to avoid Singer and Viking. Since I have a Singer and it has promptly broken twice since I bought it not long ago, I would second that. It still has tension problems. Actually the older ones are better. I am saving up for a Bernina….expensive, but I heard worth it. You can probably get one refurbished. They sell them at the Atlanta Sewing Center as well.

    Valences are pretty easy with a good pattern (! It gives you step by step instructions. After making only one roman shade (step-by-step instructions at, my first window treatment was a swag empire valence!!! Kind-of complicated for a first time valence but you can really do anything if you take the time and put your mind to it! It made all the other valences I am doing seem like nothing!

    One good tip….use fabric glue to put fringe on your window treatments! I hate sewing that stuff on! GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

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