Friday Favorite: Tutus by Tiffany

I’m so excited about this Friday Fave. Dana received one as a gift for her baby girl, Lia, at her baby shower. It was a beautiful, handmade tutu. When she pulled it out of the bag, the whole room (full of about 70 women who were chatting), fell silent then gasped and burst into excited chatter and exclamations. It was so stinking cute anyway, but to see a big, fluffy tutu in a baby’s size was adorable.

Tiffany Rasmussen handmakes each tutu, and I cornered her after the shower to ask if I could show off her skills for a Friday Favorite. She graciously agreed. Tiffany and her husband Rick attend the church where I grew up, and they have two beautiful little girls, Emma and Kate. So it makes sense that she started to create such girly creations as tutus! Read on to see why these tutus are so awesome.


The best part? They are available at a great price! It’s only $20 for sizes 0-5, and it’s just two dollars more ($22) for sizes 6 and up.While tutus abound on Etsy, most shops charge more (they average around $30), and they are pre-made.

Not Tiffany’s. Each one is made by hand, customized for the little girl who will be wearing it. Tiffany can make it the right size for each girl, and she can use whatever colors you need. Of course, if you aren’t sure where to start, she does have some pre-made color choices that you can choose from as well (displayed below).

Why Tutus?

Tiffany’s adorable tutus would make an awesome costume piece for Halloween or dress up (my niece had a similar one for a ladybug costume), or they would just be a fun gift for any occasion. Christmas gifts, anyone? How about team colors for a cute game day outfit? (Go dawgs!) Of course, she can make it for any team. And at her prices, you can afford to get something custom for a price that won’t break the bank.

Parents? Photographers? This also makes a great prop for little girls. I know a photographer who kept tutus on hand to spice up a photoshoot and make it more fun for little customers. If I have daughters, they will get one of these to wear for photoshoots even if they choose not to wear one just for fun.

Of course, if they’re anything like me, they’ll want to wear it all the time. I kind of wish it was okay for 25 year olds to wear tutus out and about. I totally would. You might think I’m exaggerating, but those of you who know me know that I am not.

Picture the Product

Here are some pictures Tiffany sent me of Kate modeling her mama’s pre-made tutus. The one Tiffany made for Dana’s baby is solid red with a red and white polka-dot bow. So stinkin’ cute.  So remember-Tiffany can and will work with you to find the color combination that’s just right for your tutu-toting cutie-patootie. (Try saying that 5 times fast.)

You can order any of these products or contact Tiffany about making a tutu with colors you have in mind by emailing her at

Here is one tutu on it’s own, just so you can see how they look when not being worn. This style is called Purple Passion.

This one makes me think of the classic ballet tutu colors. It’s called Antique Rose.

Here, Kate sports Blue Crush.

Kate in Cotton Candy.

This one’s called Dots of Love. How cute is her expression here?

Here’s Fairy Dust. Such a cute name. And look how puffy that tutu is! Perfection.

This one’s called Go Team. And I happen to love it extra because she picked my team for it! But Tiffany said she made one for an Auburn fan the other day, and I may or may not be having one made in some different team colors for a couple of little girls in my life.

This one is called Happy Halloween. It’s the perfect time of year for buying this one!

And here’s another great one for fall. It’s called Pumpkin Pie. I think I like it even better than Happy Halloween. Also, I think Kate is going to have to become a child model after this. She is adorable.

Here’s a very girly option called Perfectly Pink.

And this cute one is called Pretty in Plaid.

So those are all of the options Tiffany has made up, but you can certainly make up your own and have her create it as well. Christmas is coming, and this would be such a great option for a gift!

Happy shopping!

ps-As usual, my friday favorite vendor did not pay me to advertise. This product was featured solely because I loved it!

6 thoughts on “Friday Favorite: Tutus by Tiffany”

  1. Okay, she is REALLY good! Very true that her prices are so reasonable in comparison to Etsy AND the fact that she hand makes them all. I’ll definitely keep this in mind for future shoots! 🙂

    1. You should! They really can make for some awesome pictures!! And little girls LOVE them. =) Don’t you love how fluffy the tutus are too? She doesn’t skimp on materials!

  2. I was sure you were going to feature Mom as your Friday favorite this week, since it’s her birthday. The tutu’s are awesome, too, though!! I might have to order one for a certain March birthday that is coming up…

    1. I do love mom, but I’ve decided I have too many family members to feature each one on their birthdays. And I agree-Ella would look precious in a tutu!! =)

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