Can Of Worms, Revisted

A couple of weeks ago, I told y’all about my frustrations with a certain episode of Glee, one of my favorite shows on tv right now. In all fairness to the show, I thought I should update. I promise not to normally just go into shows I like, but I felt I had to talk about this to be fair.

If you don’t follow the show, just to update, last week they revisited the topic that I had been bothered by in my previous post. And I was pleasantly pleased to see that Kurt was called out for his deception leading up to Finn taking the full blame.

Not only does Finn tell Kurt that he’s not a homophobic person and admit that he shouldn’t have said “that word” to Kurt, but he says somethings that totally put Kurt in his place without being mean or anything. It’s actually a lot more mature than any conversation I would expect from a 16 year-old, but I still was glad they had it go exactly as it did.

Here, you’ll see a video with that conversation in it. (This video and the next have text on the video, but it doesn’t really matter.) Skip to 4:59 to see the conversation.

And here, you see Kurt’s dad actually call out Kurt for not being totally honest about the situation before. Kurt’s arguments against his dad don’t really have anything to do with what his dad is saying, and he pretty much calls anyone who disagrees with him a homophobe, but I thought the script they wrote for his dad handled him pretty well.

Skip to 5:09 to see that conversation.

Man, I had no idea that my blog could have so much reach that I’d influence the writers of Glee.

HA. Riiiight. But in all seriousness, I was so happy to see them being fair.

I know that sometimes writers will let a topic hang for a season or two until it’s picked back up in a different situation down the line in a show. But I can’t help but wonder-was that their plan? Or did they get any negative feedback calling out for them to even out that lopsided situation.

Who knows? I’m just glad they did.


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