Who’s That Baby In The Window?

Will has these adorable footy pj’s, and the other morning, I was following him around with my camera trying to get a shot of him in them. I didn’t get a great one that shows off the whole thing, but I did catch him checking out the outdoors.

They recently moved to an area that has much more land, and Will is LOVING playing outside. He also loves to check out who is driving by on the road.

He also loves to jibber jabber about what he sees. It’s pretty cute.

It’s a tough job watching adorable babies all day, but somebody’s gotta do it.


7 thoughts on “Who’s That Baby In The Window?”

  1. These posts (including “mamma’s boy”)
    are so precious! You’re great with words… It’s no wonder Will has such a developing vocabulary- he’s listening to you! We are SO grateful for the time you spend with our son. We thank the Lord for His perfect provision through you!!! We love “Aunt Meghan!”

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