Friday Favorite: River Street (And River Street Sweets)

Although my parents grew up in Savannah, my siblings and I did not (for the most part- the older 3 Patton kids lived there 2 or 3 years when they were little before I was born). So when we went to visit, if we weren’t playing on the beach at Tybee or in our cousins’ backyards, we enjoyed the touristy stuff.

To this day, one of my favorite touristy places to visit in Savannah is River Street. Located along the Savannah River, it is loaded with shops, restaurants, hotels, boats (in the river, not the street…duh), tour rides, tourists, and enough cobble stones to trip you (ok, me) up multiple times.

It also has some history to it. You can read about River Street here. But I find The Waving Girl one of the more fun bits of history of Savannah that’s honored on River Street.

There’s a place to buy tickets for tours of downtown Savannah, and they pick you up right off the sidewalk.

You can also pay to catch a ride on the Georgia Queen river boat. My Nana took me and my brother Jordan on this boat when I was younger. Mostly, I remember that it was very hot (it was June) and that most the seats were taken. But still, I liked being able to say I’d been on one of those big ol’ river boats.

If you don’t feel like walking around, you can sit in the shade and watch the boats go by.

You can always find street vendors (and, often, performers as well).

There’s also a street market.

Of course, you can just stick with the shops on the regular storefront side of the street and get such classy gems as these…

…or not.

If you want something cold (and alcoholic) to drink, you can stop by Wet Willie’s. It’s kind of a fun place just to look at inside, even if you don’t get a drink.

But my favorite place on River Street is a candy shop. Nope, not this one.

While there’s nothing wrong with the Savannah Candy Kitchen (um, it’s a candy kitchen. how could anything be wrong with that??), it’s just not the real McCoy for me.

I’ve got my sites on it.

Here it is! River Street Sweets.

Hello, old friend.

What’s so great about it? I’ll show you. It’s too bad we don’t have scratch and sniff screens because that would do all the talking for me. As soon as you near the doorway, you can smell the fresh pralines being made.

They don’t just make them. They cut them up into bite sized pieces so that you can sample them as you come in. Mmmm…

Meet my new best friend. Not only did he say, “you better!” when I asked if I could take pictures of him working, he even posed without being asked. So friendly! And he knows how to make pralines! Watch out, Tom!

Seriously, y’all, if they made nothing BUT pralines, they would be a huge success. But of course, that’s NOT all they do.

Here are some seasonal treats on display in front of this little moving candy maker statue that has been here for so long, I don’t remember the store without it. Of course, the store is older than me.

And here are a few of the bagged goodies they have that make awesome gifts. And yes, they do mail order gifts. (Christmas is coming up, and this is the perfect place to choose a gift from for a family that loves sweets or a business you appreciate working with!!)

Here’s where you can check out with all your goodies. Look how many things they have covered in chocolate! And on the other side, they have fudge. SO many types of delicious fudge and various chocolate barks.

If you step down into the next room, they have salt water taffy galore.

And you also get to see it being made.

I would like to do that job, I think.

You can choose from all sorts of candies and pay by the pound as well. I particularly love the Jelly Bellys.

And there’s ice cream. Such a perfect treat for a hot day in the hot candy store. And lots to choose from…yum.

Of course, I skipped the ice cream this time around. I headed to the counter (no, I’m not in the picture below)….

…and walked away with a caramel and chocolate and candy covered apple (which I could only eat about a 4th of this time), white chocolate dipped marshmallows, a chocolate and toffee dipped pretzel, and a praline. For me, this counts as moderation.

I love River Street Sweets. And with so many delicious treats, I bet you will too. That’s why I’m giving away a ten dollar gift card to the store!

If you would like to win this for yourself or someone who you think deserves a sweet gift, just leave a comment on this post and tell me what your favorite sweet treat is (even if they don’t carry it at River Street Sweets…which is hard to imagine)!

Have a sweet weekend, and winners will be announced on Monday. You have until then to enter!


38 thoughts on “Friday Favorite: River Street (And River Street Sweets)”

  1. OMG I absolutely LOVE River Street Sweets. When we first moved to Alpharetta and I worked in NP Mall there was a store there and my future hubby liked to buy me pralines, YUMMO!! I actually made some last christmas, and they were pretty good. My favorite is definately the Pralines, although the sugared spicy nuts are really good too!

    1. Isn’t it great that they have mini-stores all throughout the South now? =) I’m impressed that you made your own pralines! I might have to try that sometime.

  2. This isn’t an entry because that’s a ways to go for a $10 gift certificate, but that place looks awesome. Not only do the treats look great, but the whole shop has a cool ‘old time’ feel without being cheesy.

    1. No way! I don’t even have the gift card yet. I’m going to have it sent straight on from Savannah to the winner, wherever they may be. And you can use the gift card to call in your order with the number on their site. I was wrong-they don’t have that functionality set up on their site yet. Calling is a little less convenient but accomplishes the same thing long distance. So I’m counting yours as an entrance, but I’d still love to hear what your fave sweet treat is.

      And I agree that River Street Sweets nails the old-timey feeling. It’s so fun to go in there, and it’s always got at least 15 people inside looking around. =)

      1. Oh, an online store you say. I renig my prior statements about not an entry. Fav sweet, probably chocolate covered peanut clusters. Naomi is really the one with the sweet tooth out of both of us.

  3. Jay has pictures of that candy shop from our trip to Savannah. We couldn’t leave without candy and ice cream. The kid’s eyes were bugging out, looking at all the incredible treats in there. It really is a neat place. And we loved River Street in general. We actually did go into Wet Willies, but didn’t eat there. Not really a place to go with the kids. It reminded us a little bit of NYC. Just a little. And Savannah is really such a beautiful place. The architecture is amazing. Jay and I are hoping to get back there someday soon. Maybe without the kids this time. 😉

    1. I’ve never eaten at Wet Willies because there are other places I like to eat when I’m in Savannah (post on that coming soon), but I’ve had a drink there before. Actually, this is funny, I’ve only had a non-alcoholic drink there. Every time I wanted to go was when I was under 21. They wouldn’t even let me stand in there after they realized I was underage. But my friend went in and bought a drink for herself and a virgin drink for me. haha

  4. I loved this place! It’s a sugar nightmare, but the entire place was so cool. Sylvia and I want to go back at some point for a long weekend, but next time we’re going to leave the kids at home.

    Oh and Wet Willie’s is a cool looking place but we ate there and the service was LOUSY. Plus the good wasn’t all that good for what they charged.

    Favorite sweet treat: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups.

    1. YUM, Reese’s PB cups…so good. I like to (ok, this doesn’t happen often-helllloooo calories) chop them up into chocolate ice cream with a spoonful of peanut butter. DIVINE. And fat in a bowl, but still. So yummy.

  5. Ugh!! How did Georgia get all the neat candy shops?! I love downtown Savannah with the historic architecture and Spanish moss and the cemeteries with unique inscriptions everywhere you turn….but I think I still like the candy shops better. 😉

    My favorite sweet thing? Ooh, I don’t know where to start! How about dark chocolate and white drizzled truffles, dark chocolate-dipped pretzels (the extra salty pretzels for a good contrast in flavors), and my most condemning favorite of all: something called “Cookie Bar Treats” that combines chocolate, peanut butter, marshmallows, rice crispies AND brownies, into one amazing dish.

    But yeah….that’s the start of it. 🙂

    1. You’re right- Savannah is a gorgeous city. But it’s hard to beat fresh pralines. 😉

      I read your comment to Tom, and he said “sounds like you.” haha I LOVE the contrast of salty and sweet, and I make oreo truffles (oftentimes) for showers I help throw. But the cookie bar treats? I HAVE to get that recipe. Please. =)

  6. River Street Sweets is more than a great candy store. It’s like a religion. A place of culinary enlightenment. A dessert mecca. The vatican of the voracious sweet tooth. I make regular pilgrimages there, because the RSS pralines are the wafers that I devour as I sacrifice my health on the altar of my hips.

    If you give me the gift card, I will use it to pursue higher levels of praline reincarnation.

    1. LOL “I sacrifice my health on the altar of my hips.” Ha! I guess that’s about right for a Patton girl. I think my hips, behind, thighs, and waist all grew an inch after visiting Savannah.

  7. I love River Street Sweets. They have a store in Phipps Plaza. When I worked at that mall I would often go inside for a sweet treat. My favorite thing is the pralines… especially when hot. I also love their candied nuts.

  8. I live in Savannah and I second this post. Seriously great stuff here. And this one is my favorite of the candy stores around too!

    My favorite is the fudge. Oh. My. Goodness. The. Fudge. Once they had orange cream fudge. It was divine. I have never seen it again.

  9. My favorite at the moment would be cotton candy flavored ice cream if they happen to have it. It’s pretty hard to find, although Scoops here in Covington seems to have kept it in stock for me these last 9 months! 🙂 When not pregnant, I think that I would prefer the salt water taffy. Preferably a pink flavor. When we stayed in Savannah for our 2nd anniversary, the Gastonian would leave a praline (probably from RSS, tasted like it!) on each pillow at night instead of a mint. It was awesome!

    1. Well, you won’t be pregnant much longer!! And I’m not sure the ice cream would keep very well in the shipping. haha Sounds like little Ms. Lia is going to have a sweet tooth also!

      And I’m majorly impressed with the Gastonian for leaving you pralines every night! Score!

  10. I have become a lover of dark chocolate because of my wife. She’s shown me the error of my ways in accepting only milk chocolate.

    However, I am a gummy fanatic. Anything gummy. I used to have a real obsession for gummy haribo frogs.

    We have a friend from Sweden that introduced us to a bunch of their candies. You can get ‘bilar’ at IKEA. They’re little marshmallow like cars that are pretty awesome. The one candy that we can’t get in the states (but I used to import it from a place in Sweden) are ‘Monkey Heads.’ They are a gummy like/winegum like. A whole lot of awesome.

    Yep, we’re a lover of all things sweets. It is our vice.

    1. I don’t turn my nose up at any chocolate. =) While I enjoy white and dark chocolates on occasion, milk chocolate is still my fave.

      Do you like those gummy rings that come in flavors like peach and apple?

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