Chasing the Light…AKA Trespassing

A couple of weeks ago, I was driving home from work and just had my breath taken away by this beautiful sunset. But I couldn’t really get a good shot because A) I was driving, and B) there were trees in the way. So I decided to chase the light down.

This led me to turn down a road I’d never taken before and drive until I found a place to pull over. The place I found looked like some kind of abandoned (or just not currently in use at 6:30pm) construction yard. Since there were no signs about trespassing…on this particular part of the lot…I decided that it was as good a place as any.

Being raised out in the middle of Nowheresville, Georgia, as I was, I was cautious. Not of who might be there but of what might be there.

Rabid racoons, snakes, coyotes, stray dogs (ok, honestly, strays just don’t scare me), and more critters could absolutely be loving the big metal tubes and huge wild brush I was headed towards. (Later, it occurred to me that spiders would love it too. Ick.) So I kicked everything or looked into it before setting my foot by the entrance. Thankfully, I seemed to be alone.

And, call me crazy, but I loved it out there. The mix of weeds, dirt, and metal just made an interesting contrast. I think it would be so fun to do a photoshoot out there with someone who didn’t mind getting a little dried up clay on their clothes.

But back to the light…I love when you can see beams of sunlight bursting forth.

Yes, I just said “bursting forth.” I don’t get to say “forth” often and like to use it when I can.

And I don’t understand why people say that every cloud has a silver lining. I never see silver linings. Gold, sure. Peach even. Or mango. But silver?

I can’t wait to get back out there now that the trees are changing colors. I took this sunset picture just to remind myself about the trees.

Again, I just love the contrast of the uglier man-made items against the beautiful, God-given sunset, trees, and even the colorful weeds. The sunset got even more colorful after I left, but I couldn’t stick around because Tom was out of town, and the dogs needed me to come home and feed them.

Oh, and on the way out, I passed this junker. I thought that it would be pretty awesome if fixed up. Just in case anyone wants to find out who owns it, buy it, fix it up, and gift it to me.

Just joshin’.

I think.



13 thoughts on “Chasing the Light…AKA Trespassing”

  1. Okay. I think I know where we’re gonna meet for book swapping!

    New trend… book swapping at sunset. Get a book -and- a sweet sunset pic to go home with.

    Actually, if you like sunsets, there’s a spot on Rogers Bridge Road where you have an amazing vantage point to shoot from. The cars look small and the expanse of the sky is huge.

    But..if we’re meeting at the pipe cemetery.. um… let me get my tetanus shot first.


    1. LOL at “Pipe Cemetary.” I would love to do a sunset swap and photo op!! (Like how that rhymed?) We don’t have to meet at the place these photos were taken, though! haha

  2. Very nice. I think you have Photoshop Elements. I think it has a dodge/burn tool. The image right underneath where it says, “…come home and feed them.” would benefit greatly from bringing out some more detail in the lower half of the image as the sky juxtaposes nicely with the road and cement (looks like cement) piping.

    And that car is AWESOME. When you start doing some off camera flash, you’ll have to get some images of Tom near that car.

  3. My favorite was the second image! Love how the circles intersect. I would have a girl (carefully!) lean against the outside of the second tube (on the left) and the guy leaning towards her, and photograph it through the first tube like you did. I’m a fan of curves — in objects and body positions in photos 🙂

    If that made sense! 🙂

    1. It’s so funny you said that, because I pictured the same thing. Then, when I showed Tom the pictures, I said, “I wish Alejandra were here because she would SO model for me and get all creative with me.” I knew you would love this place!

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