Caffé Stella

When Catalyst came to Atlanta this Fall, Tom and the other 8BIT guys were charged with making sure all the website and online stuff for Catalyst went smoothly. I tagged along on the last day of Catalyst for the morning, and ended up hanging out with these guys in Caffé Stella. (No, it’s not a typo. The name does have two f’s in it- unusual, eh?- in case you want to Google it for directions.)

What is Caffé Stella? It’s a very well kept secret tucked away in Gwinnett County. But not for long.

A coffee shop, tea shop, and bistro with free wifi, Caffé Stella became the hub for 8BIT during Catalyst thanks to the pitifully slow internet access at the nearby Gwinnett Arena. While the guys all picked some kind of caffeinated beverage to sip on, I went for a fruit smoothie. It was delicious. You can see it in the picture below next to my computer and Michael, who has his back to the camera.

While I loved that they offer outdoor seating, I think the indoor atmosphere is what’s really special. They have a warehouse-style exposed ceiling that’s painted black, and right under it, there are strings of lights that give the impression of stars across a dark sky. (I left the picture below a little underexposed so I could show you those little string lights.) Pendant lights over the counter and sconces on the walls also add lighting to the intimate atmosphere without the harsh brightness of fluorescent lights. There’s natural light flooding in from the large, windowed entrance as well.

Another thing I love about the interior is that they have local art on the walls and books and crafts for sale.

Caffé Stella surprised me with the large selection of teas. This picture shows one row of the tea choices, but there were actually two rows of options. You don’t usually see so many varieties of teas in a place that serves a lot of coffee drinks.

There were yummy desserts on display.

And the cute chalk menu listed plenty of foods and drinks. There’s something for everyone.

We saw quite a few people coming in and having their lunch at Caffé Stella, and the food looked delicious. Tom and I were going out of town, so we didn’t stick around to eat. But my mouth was definitely watering when I saw the yummy platefuls of paninis and chicken salad on croissants. Mmmm.

If you live in Gwinnett County or go through the area, make sure to stop by Caffé Stella. It’s located at: 1064 Old Peachtree Road Northwest #103, Lawrenceville, GA 30043-3302. To read other reviews about this bistro or to write your own, click here. And they are also on Facebook!

Bon Appetit!


9 thoughts on “Caffé Stella”

  1. Great pics Meghan!

    I loved Caffe Stella. Coffee shops like that are one the reasons I cannot stand where I live now because there really is nothing like that around here. It’s either Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts.

    Their breakfast biscuits are KILLER.

    1. Yeah, I’m thinking I might just have to take John up on being the “sassy secretary” just so I can hang out with all of y’all more often. Y’all keep me laughing. =)

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