Mama’s Boy

I am very blessed to work with families that are great. The parents love each other and their kids, and they make me feel very appreciated for what I’m doing each day when I take care of their little ones.

As we head into the month that reminds us to be grateful, I’m giving thanks for work. Being a nanny can be a nightmare for a lot of people in that line of work because nannies are often treated as “lesser” than the people they work for and are taken for granted quite a bit. But I’ve had a very good experience. And in this economy, a lot of people don’t have work at all. I’m very much appreciating my job.

That said, the other day I snapped some photos of Will playing outside and Elizabeth playing with Will after she got home from work. This boy loves his mama.

As you can see, Will can often get some serious facial expressions going on. But when he’s ready to smile, what a cute smile it is! And when Elizabeth comes home, I know a smile is on it’s way.


ps- I can’t get over how much older he looks with his haircut, even compared to just a few weeks ago!

7 thoughts on “Mama’s Boy”

  1. He is such a cutie, and you are very blessed to work for a good family. I took care of kids in my home for a year and one family was pretty good, but the other one, was quite a challenge. I was grateful to be able to bring in a little extra cash, but I had to give it up. Maybe caring for a child in their own home is different.

  2. We have learned this year what a blessing it is to find a good nanny to love on your baby while you have to work. It’s hard work, too!!

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