Table by the Toilet

How’s that for a blog post title? 😉

Today I am going to show y’all an improvement I did in our downstairs bathroom. We were given an old table that was no longer wanted a few months ago, and I decided to put it in our bathroom so that the basket full of towels that I kept there (for people who need to shower in that bathroom) wouldn’t sit on the floor.

Unfortunately, it did not appeal to me visually.

So I decided to paint it. (You probably already guessed as much by the fact that it was outside on top of newspaper.) I want our bathroom to be painted a light tan color eventually, so I decided an off-white cream would be great for this little table.

First I sanded the mess out of it.

Then I wiped it down and painted it. In the outdoor pictures it looks bright white because of the way the light bounces off of it, but you’ll see later that it’s not. (I had to tighten the legs, which is why the drill is out.)

This looked fine, but I decided it needed a bit more character, so I distressed it a little by sanding the edges.

As you can see, the toilet is very white, and the table is cream. Can’t wait to get those walls painted!!

Ah, the miracles that paint can work on a room or a piece of furniture.

What DIY projects do you have going on, if any, for your house or work these days?


7 thoughts on “Table by the Toilet”

  1. We aren’t doing much DIY, but we are rearranging our office a bit. On a related subject, do you read I highly recommend for some great DIY home ideas!

  2. I have an antique cedar chest that I picked up for a steal at an estate sale a few years back, that I’m hoping to someday remove all of the old paint and bring it back to it’s beautiful natural wood finish. Notice the “someday”. It’s already been a few years. Hopefully I’ll finish it by the time I’m old and gray. 🙂 Your table looks great, by the way. And I love pieces like that in the bathroom.

  3. I’m slowly turning our upstairs office into a playroom for the munchkin. I’m going to keep a computer table in there for myself so that I can work while she plays!

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