I Don’t Think So.

UPDATE: After talking to a pest control person and reading the comments, I have it confirmed that these are actually house centipedes. And they sting. Yikes. Below is the original post.


I HATE silverfish and spiders. I HATE THEM. I’ve mentioned that before.

So, when I go to the bathroom, do you think I want to look over and see two creepy crawly legs sticking out of the sink next to me? No. No, I do not. I very much DO NOT want to see that.

But I did. Last Wednesday.

It was horrifying. I fought back my natural reaction-screaming. Ever since I stabbed myself in the hand, Tom has a thing about me screaming. Apparently he had nightmares about those screams for a month, and now I had better be in some serious pain if I scream ever again.

So I ran upstairs, pulled Tom out of his 8BIT meeting, and brought him downstairs to kill the thing. (And, okay, I took some pictures first. I had to blog about it. But now you can understand why the pictures aren’t great; I was freaking out.)

I was sure it was a spider (look at the legs on that thing). But turns out, it was a dang silverfish the size of my pinky. I ran out of the bathroom as he killed it, and I promptly burst into tears.

I know that’s not a logical reaction. It’s a bug. It doesn’t bite people. But that matters not. I HATE THEM.

They are disgusting. And when something gross and creepy and scary looking crawls out of your sink, it is freaky. Despite using Terminex, the silverfish population had been trying to force its way into our house for the last month. I had reached my breaking point.

I called Terminex the very next morning, and they agreed to send someone out to spray again for no charge that Friday. But it was Thursday, and I walked into the bathroom that afternoon to find this.

Unbelievable. Maybe it was looking for its friend. Although this silverfish was slightly smaller, I couldn’t bring myself to deal with it. Those suckers are fast, and I didn’t want it running somewhere I couldn’t see it.

So I kept the light on in the bathroom downstairs (the stupid bugs are nocturnal, so it stayed put) until Tom came home to kill it. But not until I had already sent Tom a picture of it with my phone and informed him I was moving out if I had to deal with this one more time.

Terminex came the next day, and we haven’t had anymore “It Came From Within” (the sink) encounters with these beasties in the bathroom since. I’ve killed a few outside, but thankfully none inside.

Stupid, nasty silverfish want to come live in my house? I don’t think so.

~Meghan, total wuss.

17 thoughts on “I Don’t Think So.”

  1. I decided to open up this post while eating my breakfast. That is gross. I have never seen silverfish that look like that. They must be native to Georgia. The ones that I’ve seen in the house are so small and they are rare. Well in our house, anyway. Although we have had carpenter ant issues that Terminix had to take care of. And I am just as squeamish about bugs and snakes. I hate them all. That will be the question I ask God when I get to heaven. Why bugs and snakes? I’m sure there is a logical explanation, but I fail to see one.

  2. Yeah, I don’t know many people that are fans of bugs in their house. There is good news to your story though. The bug you photographed isn’t actually a silverfish, it is actually a house centipede. (see wikipedia here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scutigera_coleoptrata) (Silverfish here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silverfish)

    So the reason I say it is good news is that the house centipede is an insectivore, so it eats other insects and arachnids. It is actually helping Terminex in the whole pest control deal. 🙂 Guess this may not be all that comforting since they are crawling out of the sink, but thought I would share what I found about them when I was corrected and told they weren’t actually silverfish.

    1. Thank you! Funny you say that because I JUST talked to a pest control service man (different company), and he said the same thing. AND he said that they sting. So I am looking into switching service. I don’t want ANY bugs in my house. Yikes. Thanks for the helpful comment!

    2. Sounds like a conspiracy.

      Terminex employees these things to help do their job for them all the while making it appear as if there are still bugs ultimately generating business for themselves.


  3. So gross! I hate spiders, bugs, etc. I will kill them when Ryan is not home. Don’t want the little one to touch them. But when Ryan is home, he has to kill them all. Luckily we have not really had a problem with bugs and stuff (keeping fingers crossed after this post).

  4. This may sound gross but my cats love those things. I get quite a few in my house, usually just on the ground floor that I never visit so when I’m coming in from the garage and I see one I call to both my cats. They know what it means and they come down and eat it. Apparently it’s tasty and crunchy. I’ve had ones in my house that were HUGE. They’re kinda cool though. Like a tank. Except with legs instead of wheels.


    1. Our girl dog, Samantha, killed one the other day. Just drove her paw through it. (Or so Tom told me.) But I think you and I are made of different stuff. They terrify me.

      Funny you say that though- I only know of 2 that have come upstairs. The rest are on the ground floor like yours. They disgust me.

  5. This from the little girl who used to delight in killing giant palmetto bugs (roaches) when we lived in Savannah…you used to stomp them and then with great satisfaction say “cracked it”…yeeeuw. Don’t you just love it when your mom tells a funny growing up story in public?

    1. Well, now I don’t even want to squash bugs with my shoes in case bug bits get on them! My, how things change! haha I prefer crunching leaves instead. I still get that satisfying crunch without the nastiness of bug guts.

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