My Kind of Crackle and Burn

I love fall colors. I love crunchy leaves, trees that look like they’re on fire, and how vivid everything is.

The tree in our front yard is ablaze.

I love the way some of the leaves are spotted, some look like they have burned edges, and some are just pure color.

The other day I noticed that some bird has claimed our tree for its home. I’m curious to see how long it sticks around.

My neighbor’s tree is changing more slowly, and it’s not quite as vivid. I still enjoy seeing the green leaves next to the more colorful fall colors though.

One of the most satisfying parts of fall though, for me, is what happens after the leaves fall off the trees.

It dries up,

curls up,

and turns into the perfect pile of crackly things to step on when I’m outside.

It almost feels as good as sand beneath my toes at the beach. I will go out of my way to step on a particularly crunchy leaf. I may or may not have already wheeled a stroller out of my way so that it didn’t crunch a leaf I wanted to step on first.

It’s the little things.


4 thoughts on “My Kind of Crackle and Burn”

  1. Meaghan, I’m not liking you very much at the moment. 😉 I am very jealous. One of things that I miss soooooooo much about being up north is the fall colors. My kids are missing out!!! I just stole the first picture on here as my desktop wallpaper. Now I can tease myself every day when I turn on my laptop. That tree is beautiful.

    1. haha, Sylvia, I’m so glad that you liked it enough to use it on your computer!! I know, I would miss the fall colors too, if I lived in Fla, but I am jealous of y’all’s proximity to the beach most of the year, so we can trade off!

  2. I totally feel the same way about fall. All my blog posts this week are my best attempts to capture the firey flare-up that is our Georgia fall!

    And omg I love leaves. If there’s a pile on the side of the road, I totally drive right next to the curb so I can watch them fly out my rear window. Kinda like I love making those giant waves with rain puddles that gather on curbs.

    The only downside to fall is, of course, the temperature. But hey, ya can’t have it all, can ya? 🙂

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