Well. That was unexpected.

So, today I was going to write a quick blurb about the fact that I love Harry Potter, and that I’m really excited to see the new movie tomorrow night. I’m excited because J.K. Rowling said that the 7th book is her favorite of the series (mine too) and that she thinks they’ve done their best movie yet with this one. Since I thought the 6th movie was a weak representation of the story line, I am hoping that her pleasure indicates a movie more closely guided by the book.

And I was going to insert a trailer.

And that is all I was going to do.

But what happened instead was this: I realized that I needed to do some cleaning up before my cousin and her hubby arrive tomorrow so that they can watch the movie with us at the IMAX theater. So, I decided that instead of blogging first thing when I got a chance, I would take Will with me to my house after breakfast around nap time so that I could get some stuff done while he napped.

I loaded him up in the car, made a deposit at the bank, got my car gas at a QT, and drove to my house. I set up the pack-n-play, I got Will ready for his nap, and I put him down. He went right to sleep.

I took the dogs outside to potty, then I got to work. In the back of my mind, I kept thinking- you should get on Tom’s computer really quick and blog. But I didn’t. I did laundry. I cleaned the kitchen. I dusted in the living room. I straightened things. I did more laundry. And I continually checked on Will.

Finally, I decide to poke my head in on him to be sure he wasn’t just playing quietly.


It smelled like vomit in there.

I flipped on the light, and Will, still asleep, flinched and woke up from the sudden brightness. And guess what? He had thrown up in his sleep. On himself. On his blankie. On my big blanket I put down to pad the pack-n-play. All over his clothes. It wasn’t much solid yuck as it was liquid. He was soaked.

So I stripped him down, told him that, no, he couldn’t have his blankie back until I washed it, and put him in the tub. I bathed him, dried him, and kicked myself for only packing some diapers and wipes, milk, and animal crackers. No extra clothes. So I put him in a clean diaper and my softest t-shirt, and I blow dried his hair.

The weird thing? I took his temperature before his bath, and there was no fever. He wasn’t acting sick or miserable. He didn’t even seem to know he’d thrown up. I think he just got overheated.

Anyway, that threw me for a loop. Very unexpected.

So, I put my blanket in my wash, took Will home and put his stuff in their wash, and fed him lunch. He played with his “Buddy,” Elizabeth’s mom, and me for a while, then I put him down for a nap. NOW I am blogging.

It has been a strange day.

And I do not like the smell of vomit.


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