Feelin’ Like A Winner

I’ll just say it: I NEVER win things. Never. I enter contests and just never really expect to win. Why do I keep entering, then? Well..I guess there’s the element of hope and thinking that if I can just enter enough times that maybe, just maybe, I’ll actually win something.

But this year, things are going my way. I’ve won three different things from blogs, two of them in the last couple of weeks. I feel like such a winner! What a new feeling…ha.

First, I won this super cute tote on my friend, Kristen’s, blog. She up-cycled it with her super crafty ways, and I was pumped to win. I love it and use it for toting books from the library. It’s perfect for that because I get LOTS of books when I go to the library.

Recently, I got a shock when I realized that I had actually won an Epiphanie bag from Promise Tangeman. I’ve been following Promise’s blog for….well, so long I don’t remember when I started. Maybe two years ago? I love her funky style and her fun attitude. She’s SUPER skilled in art. I’m being general because she seems to do it all. Fine art, photography, graphic design…there’s not much she doesn’t tackle. And she’s skilled in all of those areas!

And she has a huge following. I really didn’t expect to win, but I had to enter. It’s not the first time I’ve tried to win an Epiphanie bag, but at over $160 a pop, I couldn’t afford to buy one right now.  I enter every time one is up for grabs. So you can imagine my over-the-top excitement when she emailed me to tell me I had won!

It arrived the other day. And it’s gorgeous!

First I saw this green bag that you keep it in when not using it so it stays clean and protected:

Peeking in…

And here is my new baby:

Gorgeous. I LOVE it. Wish I’d had more light to show you how awesome it really looks.

Still, can you believe this is a camera bag? I mean…wow. Let’s just see a side by side of my Epiphanie bag and my old camera bag.

Holla! This turquoise beauty is something I actually want to tote around. And the inside is the same lime green as the protective bag it came in. It makes it super easy to see my black camera equipment inside the bag.

I’m so pumped.

But that’s not all! I also won the new book by Andy Stanley, pastor at our church. His new book is called The Grace Of God, and I’m really looking forward to reading it.

So how did I win it? Well, Michael Hyatt so generously gave away 100 copies of this book on his blog, and my entry was one of those 100 chosen to win! I thought I would get an email telling me if I’d won, and I didn’t get an email. So I just figured I didn’t win. But when I came back from Ben and Lana’s wedding weekend, it was waiting for me.

I can’t wait to read it! I loved Choosing to Cheat, so I am sure there’s even more knowledge and wisdom to soak up in this book.

It’s nice to feel like a winner every now and then! In the hopes that the tides are changing in my favor, I’m also going to be entering to win a KitchenAid mixer. Why not? Wish me luck!

And a BIG thank you to all the generous bloggers (and those supporting their giveaways) giving me these free treasures! I appreciate it!


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