DIY Ornament Wreath

If you’re anything like me, you love to look at the holiday and seasonal decorations in catalogs. And if you’re anything like me, you’re not about to pay those crazy prices for the holiday and seasonal decorations in catalogs.

One thing that I found in a catalog (but can’t seem to find the same picture online) was a wreath made of ornaments. I loved how shiny and bright it was, especially because we have a black front door and could use a little brightness on it around the holidays.

So, I decided to make my own. I went to Big Lots to find some inexpensive plastic ornaments, then I went to Hobby Lobby to find some more and get a foam wreath form. Unfortunately, they didn’t have a rounded wreath form, and they didn’t have plastic ornaments. (I wanted my wreath to be 100% shatterproof.)

But I took what I could get, and I found this:

After this picture, I got out a serrated knife and cut the edges off to make it a bit more rounded, but I don’t know how much it really mattered.

Then I tied a ribbon around part of the wreath (so I could have something to hang it with later. I not only tied the ribbon on, but I also stapled and hot glued it. I didn’t want this wreath to fall down and shatter where I put the glass ornaments. I forgot to take a picture of that until I’d moved on to the next step.

And, oh joy, in the ornament reflections, you can see that I’m unshowered and in my pjs. So flattering.

Anyway, after you put on the ribbon, you begin putting in the ornaments. You could do this the easy way or the Meghan way. The easy way would probably entail three rings of ornaments: one on the main surface, and one ring on either side of the ring on the main surface.

My way was more like this: Stick in a bunch of ornaments, see if you like how they fit, glue them down, move on.

No matter how you do it, here are some things that will work for you:

Take the metal part (where the ornament hook goes) off the ornament so that you have just a hole protruding from the ornament. Stick that hole into the wreath until the ornament is flush with the styrofoam. Continue to do this with a few other ornaments to be sure you like how they all look together.

When you have a cluster that you like, remove one ornament. You should have an indentation in the foam where it was, like this:

Put hot glue around the rim of the hole, then put it back where it was before. Continue until the whole cluster is glued in place. If you need to, put a small dab of hot glue between two ornaments that are too far apart and hold them together until they are permanently side-by-side as well as glued into the wreath.

Continue that process until the whole wreath is covered. Tie your ribbon into a bow with a big enough loop to hang on a door, or use it to tie on a bigger bow that is more noticeable. (Or you could just start with the noticeable bow tied on the wreath, but I wanted the option of doing it either way.)

Next year, I might buy some extra teeny ornaments to fill in the gaps, but for now, I’m happy. I am thinking I might also use some wired ribbon (maybe a light green?) to make a bigger bow for the top of my wreath, but when my wreath was all dried and ready, I couldn’t wait. I had to go ahead and put it on the door.

Can you tell I love things to be bright and shiny?Β I was pretty happy with how it turned out, and I love how cheerfully bright all the colors are. (And none of the glass ornaments have broken, so far.)

What about you? Are you a store-bought-only decorator (most of my Christmas stuff is), or do you like to put your own spin on your holiday decorations?


10 thoughts on “DIY Ornament Wreath”

  1. I love it. It really does pop. I may have to try something like that for our door. Right now I have a store bought Merry Christmas sign hanging there, which is very cool, but I really like the wreath.

    1. Thanks! We both love to see it, especially when it’s dark outside and the Christmas lights around our porch are on. It just shines! =) I bet your Merry Christmas sign is cute too. =)

  2. Wow, that wreath really does have a presence. πŸ™‚ I bet all your neighbors have noticed it.

    I made an Xmas wreath myself this year too. I saw a few at Michaels and Hobby Lobby that I really liked but they were ridiculously expensive (60+).

    Then while doing looking through the DIY section at wal-mart I noticed the Christmas aisle and found a base wreath for $4, and a bunch of ribbons and other christmassy doodads for about a $1 each. So for 15 bucks, I made my own wreath and hung it on my door. πŸ™‚ I usually don’t care for Christmas decor since my mom had so much it was a pain to put it all out but this year it’s different I guess because it’s my own house.

    However, I still haven’t put up my Christmas tree.
    Or bought it, for that matter. :p

    Still trying to convince myself an Christmas tree for one person is worth it. My mom got me an Christmas ornament of a drunk reindeer. I have to hang it up somewhere right? πŸ™‚

    1. LOL a drunk reindeer?? I’ve never heard of that one before. I doubt you really need a whole Christmas tree for it, but since I’m something of a Christmas tree fanatic myself, I’ll all for you getting one! Maybe a fake one would make you feel better about the cost since you could use it again each year. The week or two before Christmas, they will probably slash the prices. (My mom pointed that out to me for wreathes I want for my windows, so I’m sure it’s also true for trees.)

      I would love to see a picture of your DIY wreath. Maybe on your blog? πŸ˜‰

  3. Cute and creative meghan! I like the real evergreen wreaths the best. I usually get one when we go to get our tree. This year I have a fraiser fir wreath and it smells so good when you walk up to the door! …after we got the wreathe, I went to michaels and got some sparkly gold beads/gold ribbon/ and a gold bow and dressed up the dark green. it looks so pretty on our dark red door.

    1. Thanks!

      I am in LOVE with red front doors, and I can just picture how great that looks! =) I used our (fake) fir wreath inside this time. Last year, it didn’t really show up on our black door. I have it near our nativity (with gold tones), so I kind of did what you did- added some gold accents to it. It already had some pinecones and fake red berrys in it, so I’m happy with how it turned out as a wreath on the table in our foyer. I can’t wait to see pictures of yours! (blog? Facebook? =)

  4. We cut down lots of greenery across the street from our house, and James decorates the mantles. Then, I use the synthetic greenery that Mom used to use on our front porch in River Cove and decorate my staircase with it!

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