Oh, Christmas Tree

Tom and I have a wonderfully huge Christmas tree this year. We pretty much do every year. I am probably one of the pickiest people on this earth about Christmas trees. They have to be very full, tall enough to almost touch the ceiling, and just BIG.

So big that ours fell over after about 3 days…oops! I was at work, but Tom got it back up and straightened. Thank goodness, only a few ornaments broke, and only one I really cared about was messed up. (The one below isn’t it.)

We only have two family members’ presents left to buy, and between the Christmas presents and the December birthday presents, our tree skirt is pretty much covered.

I had some fun with the reflections in the ornaments the other night.

And I love the sparkly ornaments. This one is from a set of “bridal ornaments” my mama gave me when Tom and I were engaged.

And, of course, we have to represent both our schools! I think Tom’s mom and dad gave us these guys:

I’m really happy about adding this little marionette-like ornament to the group. When I was growing up, we had one similar to this, and as kids, we loved to pull the little string that made his legs and arms dance. My mom and dad went on a cruise around parts of Europe this fall, and they brought each of us back a Pinocchio from Italy. Now I have my own, and I know my kids will enjoy playing with it too, someday.

We also put up some ornaments that belonged to my Nana, some we made as kids, some with the traditional (and oftentimes embarrassing) childhood photos, some from trips, and a star on top of the tree.

Which leads me to ask- do you have an angel, a star, or what on top of your Christmas tree? And what are some of your favorite ornaments? Do you stick with a theme (our fake tree upstairs has ice blue, teal, and silver ornaments only) or with a mismatched collection of ornaments (like our real tree, downstairs)?


3 thoughts on “Oh, Christmas Tree”

  1. Cute ornaments. The best ones are the ones that have a memory or meaning attached to it. My parent’s tree is enormous every year too and has a bajillion ornaments from their whole lives together, complete with embarrassing pictures of me and my brother.. lol.

    I think it’s a bit of a tease to post pictures of the ornaments but not the big grand tree! 🙂

    1. haha, I might add one later. For now, I keep feeling like it’s missing something. Last year, I had pretty ribbons spiraling down it, but this year it was too fat to pull that off. So it just needs a little something…

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