Baby, It’s Cold…Inside?

Will’s my bud.

I’m with him 40 hours a week. We play together. We have meals together. We make each other laugh.

We have dance parties. We go shopping. We do photoshoots.

And what’s that other thing?

Oh yeah. We share illnesses. Poor Will has got a really bad cold/sinus infection. Yesterday, I drove him out to his mama’s work so the doctor could check him out. Poor baby.

I know how he feels. After a week of wiping noses and being sneezed and coughed on,  I managed to catch his cold over a week ago. It comes with a hacking cough and more mucus than I really want, free of charge.

Poor Will. His came with a fever.

So if you’re like us- highly susceptible to catching someone’s sickness- do yourself a favor and bundle up (and, ya know, avoid people like us). It’s cold outside. And you don’t want a cold on the inside at Christmastime!


4 thoughts on “Baby, It’s Cold…Inside?”

    1. Thank you! I need to put them on shutterfly for you. =) It’s okay that I got his cold- I was bound to catch one anyway. I have no immune system, it would seem. 😉

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