Friday Favorites: A Year of Gift Ideas

Since next Friday will be Christmas Eve (and the chances of me posting are oh-so-slim on that day), I wanted to take this last chance before Christmas to remind you of some of the Friday Faves I’ve covered this year. I’m talking about some great presents people- whether you want to give them or receive them.

Here’s the list:

Gadgets, Games, and Online Bliss

*The Fitbit has got to be one of the most asked about items that I’ve ever reviewed. I’ve gotten comments on the blog, on facebook, in messages, in email, and in person. Check it out!

*Angry Birds is my favorite app of all time. If you own an iPhone or an iPad, you should also own this. Ask for an iTunes gift card that you can use to buy yourself this and other fun apps!

*Standard Theme is ballin’. If you have a blog, you will love using WordPress. And when it comes to WP, Standard Theme is where it’s at. I would know; I use it.

For Someone Sweet

*River Street Sweets offers a plethora of fresh, delicious candies, nuts, and sugary confections. Pick something out for someone with a sweet tooth, or let them pick their own with a gift card!

For The Child in Your Life

*Tutus By Tiffany are to die for. Fluffy and full, they are custom made to fit and come in the colors of your choosing. At a better price than you’ll find in stores or on etsy, these can’t be beat!

*Various Stuffed Animals that aren’t your average teddy. These cute little guys are so funny and cute, they’re irresistible. Rather DIY? No worries- there’s a couple of templates in there too!

*The B.O.B. is my absolute favorite stroller in this world. If you don’t have it, and you are a parent,  you will thank me if you get it this Christmas.

Memories To Show Off

*Shutterfly (and my other fave, Picaboo) is what’s up when it comes to turning photographs into treasures. If you know someone who would love a photobook, this is the time of year to give them what they want. Know a photographer who would love to have their favorite photo blown up? Give them a gift certificate. No matter what, you’ll be helping someone preserve precious memories.

For The Movie Buff

*Inception is probably the best movie I saw this year. I don’t go out to movies much, but I heard a lot of talk about how great The Social Network was also. Grab either one on dvd, and you’ve got a fun gift to give.

*Netflix is my favorite (and inexpensive) way to watch movies at home. Gift someone a year of movie-watching, and they will be so grateful.


*My Favorite Books …or a few of them anyway. These are the ones I can’t resist reading again and again. Get these for nerds like me. (Also, while some are opposed to the magic in Harry Potter and guys pretty much avoid Twilight like the plague, so far I don’t know anyone of either gender who can deny the awesomeness of The Hunger Games trilogy. It might be your safest bet as a crowd pleaser.)

For The Philanthropist

*These Gifts will be a gift twice. Once for the person receiving the item, and once for the people benefiting from the proceeds. Do good while getting your shopping done. Easy-peasy!

Accessories, Accessories

*Hair accessories from Eideticandy are cute and affordable. Mine are still holding up great!

*Working Girl Boutique has so many cute things- not just clothes, but also shoes, jewelry, bags, etc. If you can’t decide, take your gift recipient shopping and let them pick for themselves. Pretty much everything there is marked down and then on sale on top of that. You’ll get fun stuff for little cost.

The Kitchen Sink

*La Ti Da has it all- from home decor to wedding invitations to baby items to jewelry to team-themed items to aprons to soaps. If you don’t know what to get someone, shop here. There is no way you can leave empty-handed.

So there you have it. A handful of my favorite things from 2010, and just in time to wrap up that last-minute Christmas shopping.

Happy Friday!

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