An Xtreme Christmas

My Xtreme small group has had a chance to both work and play this Christmas. In November, we did Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes with our church. The kids had a few weeks to bring in items for the boxes, then we had a day where we went through an assembly line and stuffed the boxes. Each kid in Xtreme (and each leader) was given a flat box to assemble (into the actual box shape) and fill. Then each of us went through the assembly line while a band played on stage.

You can imagine how much time that must have saved the church! We have TONS of kids in Xtreme, and with each one assembling and filling a box, that was the easiest way to accomplish all that work. There were so many kids that they had to have us wait in our small group rooms until we were called to get in line….a line that stretched all the way out of the auditorium and down the hall.

Overall (not just from Xtreme), our church campus contributed 4,000 shoeboxes to OCC. With the three campuses combined, the number jumped to 9,000. Wow. It makes me smile to think about how many children all over the world will have Christmas presents because of those little boxes. And I love that my girls were a part of that.

Then, in December, we had our holiday party. It was last Friday, actually. Janet, one of my co-leaders, generously offered to host it. We all got in our pjs and turned up at Janet’s with food, hot chocolate, and hot apple cider to hang out, eat, and watch a movie.

I love these girls. They’re my kind of people: they love each other and food. =) The food was all on that bar the girls are surrounding in the picture below. Can you tell they love each other?

They are so precious. Gotta love 6th grade girls!


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  1. Operation Christmas Child boxes reminds me of this cool story:

    A man in his 40’s went with his kids to help assemble Operation Christmas Child boxes at their church. This was a very special event for him, because when he was 6 years old, he was on the receiving end of this ministry at a small orphanage in Russia. He recounted how special he felt getting a box of gifts from total strangers – who had included a photograph in their box – and that the toy car was his most favorite. He kept the car and the photo throughout his growing up and his travels to America where he was adopted.

    Now, as they assembled the boxes, he was put in charge of inspecting them before they were closed. At one point he opened a box with a photo of an elderly couple laid on top. He stopped and began to cry, for he recognized the couple as the same who had sent him his box so many years ago.

    True story.

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