Put Down The Chips, Ma’am.

I LOVE food. I love it.

I hate working out.

And diets. I think it’s something Satan made up.

Also, I have very little self-discipline.

So is it really shocking that I should be about 30lbs lighter? Um, no.

What is kind of shocking to me is how quickly my metabolism packed its bags and got out of here. It was like the day I turned 18, my body just gave up.

I know that’s not entirely true. When I took a dance class in college, my body was tone. My arms looked awesome. And I was 19 then.

But let’s have a reality check. I’m not a teenager anymore. And you can’t eat chips and pizza and whatever else you want, not work out, and expect to stay fit. That’s just stupid.

Although I don’t consider myself to be a stupid person, that’s exactly what I’ve done. And now every time I look at the scale (which I am doing less and less of), I see this:


And it’s getting ridiculous. I don’t even feel like I look like myself in pictures anymore. At under 5′ 3″, every extra pound shows. Tom worries about me because I literally cannot be satisfied with how I look. Even if I think I look okay in the mirror, I see a picture that same day and realize how I really look. It’s just not fun.

SO. Here’s the deal. I don’t really do “new years resolutions.” I have tried them and don’t think they work very well for me. But since it happens to be the new year, and I know lots of people have resolutions, I figured that I would share what I’m doing as my new health regimen.

It’s nothing that impossible. But basically, part one of my goal is to take a brisk, one-hour walk Monday-Friday. That may not sound like much, but 5 hours of exercise a week is about 10.83 days of straight walking a year. That’s more exercising than I usually do, trust me.

Part two isn’t that hard either. I basically am going to just find some healthy recipes that incorporate more veggies and fruits into my diet. I’m planning to do a lot of soups (at least until it’s hot again) and to work at getting more salads into my meals.

Why so simple? Well, I’ve done P90X, and it’s great, but after 3 months of the same work outs, I get bored. I had a very hard time doing it again, and I ended up not keeping it up. Insanity and I mix about as well as oil and water. Not happening. And I am NOT a runner. I hated running even when I was 14 and on the track team at my high school. (Tell me how that makes sense.)

I figure I can switch to a different kind of work-out every now and then. I mean, if I would rather hike than take a walk, that’s great so long as I do it for an hour. And walking is something I can do pretty much anywhere. I can even do that on the treadmill if the weather is uncooperative. I’m also really interested in taking a swing dance class, but since walking is free, I’m sticking with that for now.

As for what I eat, I’m still going to have chips and desserts and french fries on occasion, but it’s not going to be a regular part of my diet anymore. I have GOT to eat better. But I’m not a specific diet kinda gal. I lost about 12 pounds on Weight Watchers before Tom and I got married, but then I gained it all back and then some after. I don’t want to count points or do some other diet where I have to miss out on all sugars or carbs or whatever. I just want to have healthy foods around the house so that when I eat, my options are all healthy.

I figure if my diet and exercise are so simple that I have no reason not to do them, it will make it harder to veer off course.

Feeling good about myself isn’t the only reason I’m doing this, by the way, though I do think it’s a good enough reason all on it’s own. As a Christian, I am called to see my body as “a temple.” Basically, the Holy Spirit lives in me, and I have to take care of my body as His dwelling place. It’s one of the reasons that most Christians are against smoking, excessive drinking, and other vices.

But for some reason, I know a lot of unhealthy Christians. I’m on my way to becoming one. (I’ve asked my doctor, and she says I’m fine, but I still want to get to my ideal weight.) The Bible is clear on gluttony being a sin, but we still stuff our faces at potluck dinners at church. And I think it’s not that big of a deal to eat until you’re stuffed every now and then. But we eat beyond what is necessary so often that it’s appalling.

And it’s even grosser when you think of how many people are hungry every day, while I carry around 30 extra pounds. I just cannot excuse that in myself. I should be taking care of the body I’ve been given. And if I have so much extra, I should give it away, not eat it.

So, you can see there are many angles from which I am approaching this. And even with all those good reasons (self-image, health, faith), I know I will still struggle to keep at it. So…as I reach milestones, I will be posting about them. I want to stick with it, and that will most likely require some accountability. Feel free to ask me every now and then how it’s going or to tell me about your own health regimens! I would love the accountability and encouragement.

~Meghan (aka Fatso…but not for long.)

19 thoughts on “Put Down The Chips, Ma’am.”

  1. There is NO way you are 30 lbs over weight. I refuse to believe that. However, this blog could have been written by me. I am never happy with my weight and I don’t get on the scale anymore. I stress out before I go to the doctor because I know they are going to weigh me. I hate having pictures taken of me even when I think I look okay in the mirror because I do the same thing. Brian sounds just like Tom, and is worried because I feel the same way. I love food and can’t diet. I force myself on the treadmill everyday to every other day and it does nothing for me. If you find any healthy recipes that actually taste really good, please pass them along. I’m going to say again that there is NO WAY you are fat or even close. When Brian reads this blog, I guarantee you he is going to come home and tell me that you and me are the exact same person. If you want to tone up to get healthier, then I’m all for it, but you do not need to lose weight, girl!

    1. I promise, I am! But I think you might not see a huge difference on the treadmill because you are already so fit! I, on the other hand, have so much weight to lose that I better see a difference in a few months! haha After Tom read your comment, he told me (again) that he wished y’all lived closer to us. Since we’re pretty much carbon copies in our thinking and we all have fun together. Sooo….sell your house and move to Suwanee. πŸ˜‰

  2. Yeah. I am so tired of battling my weight too. I’m considering Nutrisystem since a couple of coworkers, friends, and a slew of unbiased reviews sings it’s praises. I know the slow carb method of eating works for me too considering I lost 22 lbs on it in 2008 (and about 16 lbs of it is back now cause I didn’t eat right :/ ). Another reason is that I suck at keeping track of everything I should and should not eat. If the thinking is done for me, I am so much more successful. I should be something like 150 lbs, maybe a few lbs more because of my stature but I am NOWHERE close to that weight.

    It makes me sad.
    And I really want to shop at forever 21. They do not have anything in there for girls 5’9+ and anything above 170 lbs.

    It’s also surprising how little any good reason to exercise matters when I’m trying to get up at 6am so I can walk to the gym to run for a while. It’s pretty much the only time during the day I’m not going to be doing something for work/business/social activity so I want so badly to incorporate a 6:30 am workout into my schedule. Except I don’t seem to want it when 6 rolls around. Lame.

    I mean… I have a free gym IN MY HOOD and a walmart that carries very fresh produce and good lean meats just 2 minutes from my house. I can literally out of my house, in and out of the walmart, and back in my house in about 8 minutes if I know what I want. What is my problem?

    I don’t know. πŸ™‚ I am gonna be better this year though. Something about the first (of the year, month, week) means it’s another chance to be awesome, try something new, push harder, and succeed.

    Good luck to you, this year!! πŸ™‚

    1. Good luck to you too! I’m pumped to see your progress. I’ve pretty much given up on Forever 21 and Charlotte Russe and any other juniors stores. Fugghetaboudit for me.

      1. Okay. I am actually awake now. : o
        And going to the gym.
        If you’re looking for a walking partner, I’d be happy to do it with you. I don’t know how much longer I can keep up a 6:30 am regimen alone.
        I used to do one hour walks with my friend Joanna but then she went and got pregnant. :p

          1. Sure. Most days (with the exception of Friday) I am available for a walk in the evening. Let me know if you’d like to so I can shift my hours at work. I’ve been going in at 9am-10am and leaving at 5pm-6pm but I can go in at 8am and be out at 4pm.

            Have you ever walked at McDaniel Farm Park?

  3. 1st – I agree with your doctor πŸ™‚
    2nd – I agree with you and totally understand looking at yourself and knowing you could be healthier (not prettier, not more attractive – although sometimes thats a side bonus) just healthier. Having realistic expectations is key.

    I too will be joining the ranks of people swearing they’ll do better this year, but I’m also being realistic about it. My friend Becky lost 100lbs last year on a program called 20/20 Lifestyles and she’s been such an inspiration and help to me. The program disses all diets and workout programs. Its about learning why you eat what you eat and how to do it better while having a healthy workout routine. So far, everything she has shared has helped me oodles and has been very natural to obtain. I suggest you follow her blog http://liveitouteveryday.blogspot.com/. She shares some of the psychology of eating and also some of her recipes (which are crazy easy and delicious).

    Anyhoo, this is the path I’ve chosen to take this year as far as getting healthy, and I plan on using Becky as my mentor – both foodie wise and workout wise. If you can find a buddy to do things with, it not only increases your chances for success, but makes it fun too!

    Best of luck to you in your goal and keep us posted on your progress!

    1. Very true- I do want to have people to go on walks with since I think it will make it easier for me to stick to my goal. Tonight, I just did the treadmill. Boring. I would rather be outside and with someone any day. I’ll have to check out Becky’s blog. Thanks for the link and the encouragement!

  4. Ditto. That is just how I feel. I started Weightwatchers online this weekend. I think any diet that majors on fresh fruits and vegetables, lean meat and just a little wholegrain bread will work especially when combined with exercise. I just think it will make me more conscious of what I am eating if I count points for a while. And I hate exercise too but I want to try for a least 3 x a week. Arrr…why couldn’t God have made me like Lisa who loves to exercise?

    1. I know! Hopefully my kids will get that gene from Tom. I wish I was the kind of person who could say I “just don’t like chips” or “I’m so stressed and would feel better if I could just go for a run.” Yeah right! I would rather sit and read a book. Maybe I can learn to like it?

  5. I’m with you, too! I have been “dieting” off and on since I was 20 years old…that’s a LOT of dieting. I have started with a medical weight loss program recently and am down 16 (make that 11 because of the holidays) pounds. It’s good to have someone to be accountable to like Kristen said. Try to get a mentor or buddy to help you out on your way…preferably not Tom. Mike has tried to take on that role with me occassionally (not that he EVER said anything about me needing to lose weight, but he wanted to help me stay on track) and it usually didn’t go well. I’m also with you on needing to have “real” food and sugar. I have been eating sugar almost every day (with the exception of the holidays–talk about gluttony!) in moderation. I think that’s the goal: all things in moderation. Purging your house of all unhealthy choices will help a lot. We try not to have sodas or chips in the house. I buy cookies that I don’t like but that the kids do. I also try to keep healthy snack choices on hand. One other trick I learned is not to eat dinner on the big dinner plates, but on luncheon plates. It keeps your portions in control and it looks like you are eating a lot of food. Last thing I learned is in separating your plate. Put 1/4 meat, 1/4 carbohydrate, and 1/2 vegetable. Okay, enough soapbox for now! I’ll be praying for you as you start on this new journey!

    1. 16lbs!! Wow! Good for you! I try to shop at the store when I’m full so I can make better choices about things (like you with not buying junk food you like to eat). I’ve also started doing the salad plates for my meals. It does help! I really like your tip about the fourths and halves of your plate with different foods. Thank you for that! I’m going to try that out!

  6. I’m all for taking control of you health, esp for the long run, and the little changes are what really work over the long run. I’m not really sure there is a specific verse about not being a glutton in the bible, i think that is mostly from catholic origin, but it does say your body is a temple, and we should respected it having been made in God’s image. Just remember it is a long slow road but well worth it.

    1. You have been so good about working out and eating right. I might have to email you every now and then for some help. =)

      As for the glutton thing…. Deuteronomy 21:20, Proverbs 23:1-2 & 20-21, Proverbs 28:7, Matthew 11:19, Luke 7:34, and Titus 1:12 all make it pretty clear that God doesn’t think highly of gluttons. It’s not just a Catholic thing or a thing from the movie Se7en. πŸ˜‰

  7. Here’s to being to healthy! My only advice: Calories consumed – calories burned = weight gain/loss/maintence. But it just so happens that many of the healthier food options out there are lower in calories.

    P.S. Make your hubbie eat more veggies while you’re at it!! πŸ˜‰

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