That’s Normal…Right? Right?

Thanks for all the input on the lamp in the previous post! I guess I will be leaving the lampshade, as that was the unanimous vote. Sometimes I just need a little outside perspective. Now to today’s post…

I asked Tom last night if he had to name five weird things about me, what would they be? It took him about ..oh, 45 seconds. He didn’t even have to think about it. Except maybe to eliminate one weird thing in favor of another.

Since I like to keep it real here, I’m gonna delve into the weird things that could quite easily be made fun of  (and are by some) about me. And then I want to hear yours. So be thinking…

Tom’s Top Five Weird Things About Me:

1. I like to pop things. (Zits, etc. I reallllllly want to see a cyst open up. I was disappointed when a family member told me of an inner ear infection that, when treated, drained brown stuff out of his ear for several minutes. I still wish I’d been there to see it.)

2. I pop my knuckles…in my toes. (I kind of have monkey toes. I pick things up with them and stuff. So yeah, I scrunch them up really hard and it pops the joints. Feels so good.)

3. I talk and laugh -a lot- in my sleep. (No secret. You knew this.)

4. I can make any space very ordered with some work and then reduce it back to a messy heap in a matter of days without trying. (Embarrassing, but true. You don’t even want to know how bad my desk looks again.)

5. I randomly change from speech to song in the middle of sentences. (I have always done this and don’t really notice it most of the time, but Tom always does.)

Ok so those are Tom’s top choices of how weird I am.

Other things…

*I love to listen to soundtracks to musicals but hate opera. I also love Disney music.

*I think it’s important to be ladylike yet I burp so much at home. (Sorry, mom, but it’s true. At least I don’t do it in public.)

*I talk to Will about stuff that I know he can’t possibly understand. My best guess is that something in me just won’t allow me to shut up. So I talk to whoever can hear. Even if they aren’t quite one and a half years old yet. He’s learned to nod “yes” to any question-like tone when I speak to him. 😉

*As much as I like to talk, I do not enjoy talking on the phone. I would soooo much rather speak face-to-face. If I have to contact someone via phone, I try to do it with a text message unless I think it would hurt their feelings or I just need to actually speak with them. My mom doesn’t like that because she says I don’t call often enough.

The irony being that when I was a young teenager, I loved to talk on the phone. And my parents set up strict rules for time using the phone that only applied to me, none of my siblings. And now, I don’t like talking on the phone…and now they say I don’t call enough.

*I think picking your nose is gross, but I totally look at a tissue after I blow my nose before throwing it away. I have to see what was in my face!

*I insist on getting the goofy side of my family members documented. Here’s a shot from Christmas Eve before dinner.

*I frequently snort if I’m laughing really hard.

*I think the worst part about a normal doctor’s appointment (not one where you are really ill or anything) is a long wait in the waiting room, not the actual poking and prodding the doctor does. Not even the shots. The only thing that could rival the wait as the worst part is a high medical bill.

*I have a bladder that might be considered the right size if I was a squirrel. But as a human, it means about 3,000 pit stops in a road trip.

*I sing songs…as if I was one of our dogs singing it. Yes, I do a fake voice and sing parodies of songs as if the dogs were making up the lyrics. Tom and I crack each other up doing this.

Okay. If that didn’t weird you out too much (especially the last one), I’m impressed.

Your turn! What about you is a little left of center?


9 thoughts on “That’s Normal…Right? Right?”

  1. This makes me wonder if you’ve ever seen the “biggest zit” youtube video.
    It is horrific, yet difficult to look away. I somehow bet you would’ve loved to be there!

  2. Meghan,
    Do not feel weird at all because the list of 5 things that Tom says make you weird…yeah. I TOTALLY DO THOSE TOO! I’m not kidding. In fact, while I was reading your list, I kept thinking “I do that!… YES! I’M NOT ALONE! ….Oh my goodness, are we the same person!” This one especially got me: “I think it’s important to be ladylike yet I burp so much at home.(Sorry, mom, but it’s true. At least I don’t do it in public.)” Girl, you’re after my own heart! No joke.

  3. I asked James to name my top five, off the top of his head. Here’s what he came up with in 35 seconds…

    1) I let him nickname me “Son.” Why? Your guess is as good as mine. He also calls me “Sonny.”
    2) Doing my taxes is one of my favorite activities. Seriously, I always have them done by December 31, and then I’m sad because I have to wait a whole year before doing them again. Fed Income Tax was one of the most fun classes I ever took.
    3) I love to read the same books over and over and over and over…like, I’ll finish one, and then turn back to page one and read it again.
    4) I like to bake cookies when I know that nobody will eat them, including me.
    5) I like to make up new names for our baby every ten minutes. She’ll NEVER know her real name. Some samples? Here ya go…”fussy pants,” “ticklebug,” “stinky,” “honeybee,” “baby belle,” “belle,” “bellington,” “dutchess,” “tall butt,” and the list goes on….

    Honorable mentions…
    – I have monkey toes, too. I think you learned that from me, in fact. Why bend over to pick up a dirty kleenex when you can just throw it away with your toes?
    – I love nice hotel rooms. I dream about someday living at the Four Seasons. I could go on vacation and never leave the hotel, and it would be awesome.
    – I often call my dog “sir.” Like when he wants to go outside and it is raining, I tell him, “No sir. It’s raining outside.”

    Yes, I’m weird. It’s awesome.

  4. Yes, Meghan–as your mom I can definitely say you’re normal (for our family). It’s normal to be a little crazy if you are one of our family members!

  5. I actually have to confess that I also do almost the exact same thing as your last item – I will sing to my cat Hermes (or my boyfriend’s dog). I’ll sing almost anything – songs from the radio, commercial jingles, theme songs – but instead insert my cat’s name at nonsensical places in in the song. For example, if I had “The Flintstones” theme stuck in my head, I’d probably sing to my cat: “Her-mes, meet the Her-mes, he’s a modern Hermes fam-i-lyyy… from the, town of Hermes, he’s a meow right out of hist-o-ryyyy”. I think I do it because it keeps him interested in what I’m saying!
    So now you know that you’ve got plenty of company over in Weirdville!

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