I really love being a part of a middle school ministry at my church. Recently, the name of that ministry has changed. It went from Xtreme to Transit.

The Website:

I love the new branding. The logo is cool, but the reason behind it is great.

Back when they first named the middle school program Xtreme, being “extreme” meant being WAY out there, different, risky.

Nowadays? Not so much. There’s “extreme” everything. The example they gave: Extreme Elmo. I’m sorry, but how is a toy for kids based on a “three year old monster” extreme?


So why “Transit?”

Well, this is a time in many kids lives where they get treated like they’re stuck. You’re in MIDDLE school. In between your important early learning and foundation years, and your big high school “what you do now determines your options for life” years. And people treat these kids like they aren’t really in a place of importance, as if they are simply overly-hormonal pre-teens that are in a time and place of no purpose in life.

But they aren’t. These kids are going through a period of growth so huge that the only other mental growth spurts as large are in infancy and kindergarten. They are figuring out who they are going to be. They’re making the HUGE leap from child to teenager. These years will help them determine who they want to be as teenagers and young adults. It’s not a time where they are stuck waiting but rather a time of constant movement from one stage to another. It’s a time of transition.

Therefore: Transit.

And we want them to know that we believe that God can use them RIGHT NOW. All over the Bible, we see kids their age or just over their ages being used in big ways. Samuel, David, Mary, and Timothy are all examples of this. And these awesome kids we have the privilege of knowing and guiding, loving and cheering for, are all just as capable of being used by God.

Try conveying all of that to them in the brand of your middle school ministry. It’s a lot to do, isn’t it?

To help explain all of that to the kids in our church in a much more abbreviated way, they created this video. I think it wraps it up well. (Though I don’t know how they got Justin Bieber to be in the video. 😉 )

I’m really pleased with the new name. I also really like that the staff has kicked off the new year with a sermon series for the kids in Transit on the different biblical principals that tell us how God sees kids their age and can use them, which led to the name change.

I love my church.


3 thoughts on “Transit”

  1. I know you didn’t create that site, but…I find it extremely odd that the Transit site doesn’t address the question “What must I do to be saved?” Instead, a question on baptism, which is irrelevant if an individual doesn’t understand biblical salvation. In fact, I would go as far to say it is dangerous in that once you click on the “So you want to get baptized?” link you land on the baptism page with the first sentence being “Congratulations!” Talk about guile – plant the idea that the young person has already accomplished something and then slip in the condition “If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, then you are ready to be baptized!” What if one hasn’t? What if one doesn’t know how? What if one doesn’t understand what that (“accepted”) even means? I couldn’t find anything regarding man’s sinful nature, the penalty for sin, the atonement for that sin, the need for repentance, what repentance is, what faith is, eternal security, etc. on that site. I could go on by I’m sure you get my point.

    1. Hey Ryan,
      That’s a good question, and I’m glad you mentioned it so I could explain.

      The website is to be used as a tool by the parents of and students of Transit IN ADDITION to the real-life interactions we have each week. These kids are hearing the gospel at church, at camps, in small groups, etc.

      If someone did want to know where the church stood on those issues via just the website, they could look on the main church website then click the “about us” link that would lead you here: It has a brief overview of NPCC’s stance on those issues, and it stands for the entire organization, including Transit. This means we don’t need to repeat it on each page of the website, making ourselves redundant.

      We don’t push our students into baptism, and we certainly don’t take it lightly. But we do provide the opportunity to apply to be baptized if they feel like that is where they are in their spiritual walk and if we agree. Their parents are a part of their baptism application, so ideally, the parents will have talked to their middle schooler about why we are baptized and whether or not they truly understand salvation before making that step. However, we know we can’t expect that to be the case for all of our students, and that’s why we have an application instead of just letting anyone who wants to be baptized get baptized.

      The application form (I’ve gone through this on the adult side for our church, so I know) has extensive questions about your faith and your testimony. If these kids are not there yet, we are most likely going to notice a red flag after reading that application (if it’s not already obvious in our frequent interactions). They also have to meet with one of their small group leaders to discuss baptism after filling out the application. That’s another chance for us to be sure that they know what they are doing and understand salvation. After that, they meet with MORE adults at the church to tell their testimony and to film it. Then, the day they are baptized, their testimony video is played on big screens in front of the entire middle school, modeling for the other students the importance of salvation and that they are taking their faith seriously. Then they get baptized in front of the whole middle school ministry.

      I get what you are saying as to ” man’s sinful nature, the penalty for sin, the atonement for that sin, the need for repentance, what repentance is, what faith is, eternal security, etc.” But I hope you can also understand that that is what our real life interactions accomplish. This website is just a tool. When these kids and their friends are with us, whether that is in church our outside of it, they are with adults who love the Lord and truly want that kind of faith for these kids as well. We have discussions about all of those things you were looking for and so much more.

      Hope that answers your questions/concerns.

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