Throw Up In My Lap

I wish I could share my Friday Favorite with y’all, but it is a restaurant. And I am not up to looking at pictures of food at the moment.

Tom’s dad, Tommy, has this funny phrase that we’ve adopted. It’s when we don’t like something and tell about it, then say “throw up in my lap!”

Unfortunately, I can fully appreciate how little you must like a thing to describe it that way, after last night.

Thanks to some nasty food poisoning, I spent the night on the bathroom floor because that was the closest place to the toilet. While sitting on it, I threw up not once, but twice in my lap.

The first time made me laugh because I had literally done what that phrase said. (Clearly, the lack of sleep and the dehydration were taking a toll for me to find anything about that amusing.)

After cleaning up, some time passed and I found myself in the same situation, throwing up in my lap, again. Not so funny the second time around. especially since I followed that little number up with an encore presentation of projectile vomit.

Boy, am I sore today.

So, let it be known that while Z Pizza is delicious and all organic, they also leave their pepperoni and cheese slices under a warmer. I don’t care if it is organic, if it’s crawling with bacteria.

So, consider this something of a Friday Non-Favorite. I hope your start to the weekend is better than mine.


8 thoughts on “Throw Up In My Lap”

  1. I hope you called them to inform them of your porcelain expedition. I made my own pizza earlier this week (mostly from scratch). I suggest y’all do the same next time.

  2. Next time, I suggest you get some Eno Fruit Salt. It really helps. I get food poisoning fairly regularly, adventurous foodie that I am, and I can vouch for its effectiveness in helping shorten the period and intensity of the illness. The only thing is you have to go to a indian grocery to get it since it’s a British product… but there are like a thousand indian groceries in the suwanee area so you should be fine.

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