Reporting In

Just reporting in. I’m still alive. Here’s a list:

1. I just went on a 2.5 mile walk over snow and ice with Tom and the dogs, and I didn’t fall.

Nope, not even once.

I’m actually quite proud of this.

2. I am extremely cold now.

3. My dogs, two terrier mix pups, are actually lying on the floor, tuckered out.

4. It takes a lot to make that happen.

5. Walking through snow is much harder than walking on pavement.

6. I’m making hot chocolate.

7. I watched Marley and Me last night until right before it gets sad. Then I turned it off.

I always bawl through the end.

8. I didn’t want to go to bed sad.

9. I didn’t want to wake up with super puffy eyes.

10. I need something to do. I’m stuck in this house, with snow all around. I’ve already read 3 books this month.

And I’ve made cookies. And iced them.

I’ve watched a movie.

11. My only entertainment options that remain are more movies, laundry (scratch that- I finished it today), and cleaning.

11. I’m going to watch another movie.

12. Although it sounded like complaining, I actually enjoy being stuck at home watching movies.

13. I am now very glad that I don’t work from home. I’d have no excuse not to work.

14. Tom works from home. Sucka!

15. That is all. Just didn’t want to end my list on 14.


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