Friday Favorite: Der Biergarten

Today’s fave is a German fare restaurant in Atlanta called Der Biergarten. It’s found near the World of Coke and the Georgia Aquarium. And I mean…you could walk from one of those places to this restaurant on Marietta Street. It’s very close.

We went all the way back in October to celebrate the birthdays of our friends Justin and Jennifer. They are always looking for new places to try, so they get total credit for introducing us to this place!

Now, I’ll be honest. I don’t have a ton of experience with German food, and I was nervous. I had already looked at the menu online, and it wasn’t huge. I didn’t think I was going to really like it. Tom had the same concerns. So our plan was that each of us would order a soft pretzel as an appetizer in the hopes that it would fill us up. That way we wouldn’t be starving if we didn’t like our meals.

Surprise! We loved our meals! And everyone else loved their food too. I think only two people ordered the same thing at our table, so we had a wide variety of foods from the menu, and they all looked and tasted great. Here are some shots:

So, the funny thing? Although the pretzel was alright, it wasn’t salty enough for my American tastebuds. I need salt, people. That didn’t stop me from eating it though…

And I think the point was to get your flavor from the various mustards they served. Let me tell you something. These mustards are HOT. They had horse radish or something in them, and about three of us had streaming eyes after eating pretzel with a dollop of the hottest stuff on it. Be warned- ask your waitress which mustards are hot!

And, let’s get real, you can’t read the name of the restaurant without thinking “beer.” And they have it in all different sizes! I’m not a beer girl, but I took a shot of the glasses of the four guys sitting closest to me- all different beers and different sizes.

As for decor, there is a little train track running all around the room- over your heads! It is right under the ceiling and has a little train that runs along it while you eat. So cute. It reminded me of the train my family had when I was a kid that went around our Christmas tree.

And outside, there is a seating area that will be perfect in late spring and early fall during the days and at nights in the summer.

Even their billboard is funny. (This one is over the pay lot where we parked, but apparently there is a parking garage or lot across from them that they validate parking for if you’re one of their customers. Good to know!)

We had a fun night out with our friends at Der Biergarten and left with a much better opinion of German food. I was so pleased to be wrong about my reservations with trying new foods!

Who took the picture you ask? Well, I believe it was the owner! He was so friendly, and he offered to take our picture for us. Then he and Tom posed together. Random, but fun!

So check out Der Biergarten for yourself! It’s such a fun place to go with friends!

Der Biergarten is located at 300 Marietta Street, Atlanta, GA.



2 thoughts on “Friday Favorite: Der Biergarten”

  1. Your friend Justin sort of looks like Ray Romano kind of.

    If you like German food there’s a restaurant a lot closer to you: Kurt’s & Vreny’s.
    I’ve been once. It’s got a nice atmosphere but the food was definitely not my thing but my friend who came with me loved it.

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