Directorial Debuts

As an early Christmas present, Santa brought me and Tom each an HTC EVO 4G. We love, love, love our new phones!

One thing that is fun about them is that you can choose to use the camera on either side of the phone. So if you are making a video of yourself, you can see yourself on the screen while you record.

This has provided no end of amusement for the kiddos that I know. I first tried it out before Christmas with Will on my lap.

Then, yesterday, Tom and I went to Chili’s after church with some friends of ours, Chris and Brenda, and their three kiddos, Sydney (6 y.o.), Savannah (3 y.o.), and Elliot (1 y.o.) and Chris’s mom. We had a pretty long wait to get two tables to become available so we could all sit together.

Since I also received a protective case -which I love- for my phone (I’m super clumsy, remember?), I’m almost always okay with kids playing with it. And that is how we passed a lot of our time. Sydney and Savannah each made a little video on my phone.

I put them on my computer today and was laughing when I watched what they recorded. In the background, you can hear the adults discussing everything from my Otterbox to the show “My Strange Addiction.” But the funniest parts are what the girls chose to record.

First, Sydney recorded. She got a little of everyone and a little shot of herself.

Then, Savannah made a video that was almost entirely upside down. She cracked herself UP. She started doing a close up shot of her mouth, and when I asked her about it, she got a severe case of the giggles and continued with that line of filming…right up until she tried to stick the camera into her mouth.

Then her daddy stepped in. Too funny.

Fun times!

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