Wrackspurts and Backlit Photos

In the Harry Potter books, the character Luna Lovegood believes in all kinds of things that her dad makes up for his “newspaper” called The Quibbler. One of those things is a wrackspurt. She describes it as an invisible tiny thing that floats in your ears and makes your brain fuzzy (so you forget things, etc).

Of course, they aren’t supposed to exist, but in the sixth movie, they decided to lend some credibility to Luna. She sees them floating around Harry when she wears these glasses:

Anyway, recently I began messing around with my off camera flash. I decided to put it behind Tom so that I could see the outline of his head kind of glowing. And I guess the pillow I placed it on had some dust on it, because when I looked at the picture, it looked like he had some movie-rendered wrackspurts flowing out of his left ear.

I’m excited to do a lot more off-camera flash experiments and see all the different looks it can give my photos.

But while I was looking up images online to try to find a picture of the movie-version of the wrackspurts, I came across this, and it made me laugh:

Hahahaha I love it.


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