I told y’all about Sam a while back. Liam is her brother.

When we went to pick out a puppy at the SPCA 2.5 years ago, we were going to get a girl. But every time I reached in for Samantha (the only girl in the litter), this little boy dog kept putting himself into my hand. So I picked him up, and Tom got Samantha out.

That was all it took. I melted not once, but twice that day- once for the little girl we picked out and once for the little boy who picked us out. I can’t imagine life without him.

Liam is…

A total mama’s boy. (After that story, are you even surprised?)

Shameless about sneaking a nap on the couch…

or the bed…

or even against his mama when I am IN the bed.

He is also quite pleased to rip things up.

But usually, it’s because those things have a squeaker in them.

Speaking of squeaky items, his absolute favorite thing in this world is still “Green Ball.”

He also loves to sneak into quiet places for some solitude, like the back of the closet under my sweaters or just under the bed.

He loves to wrestle with Sam but especially feels the need to do so when other dogs are visiting.

Sometimes I wonder what breeds make up this boy because he loves the snow so much.

Though he absolutely detests wearing clothes-even in freezing temperatures.

In all other regards, though, he’s pretty happy. And in all ways, he’s pretty much perfect.

Love this boy.


6 thoughts on “Liam”

  1. This may sound REALLY WEIRD, but Brian and I are looking at the pictures right now, and in the picture of Liam where he is really unhappy in the T-shirt, he looks just like Tom. It’s hard to explain, but we both said it and see it. It’s like the face he is making….look at the picture and think about it. I know it’s weird, but true.

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