Valentine’s Day Made Simple

I know a lot of you probably think of Valentine’s Day as just another opportunity for “gift” companies (cards, flowers, balloons, jewelry, stuffed animals, candies, etc.) to make money.

I’m with ya.


I didn’t used to be. I mean, I really like the idea of celebrating the love that we have for others.

The reason I’ve jumped on board with the “this is kinda malarkey” train is that it’s just a holiday that is so oversaturated with cheesy items that no one would ever even want (I’m sorry, but some truly ugly stuffed animals holding conversation hearts is not what most people would naturally gravitate to in the store)…well, it just screams “buy this junk or look like a jerk to the people who expect gifts from you.”

But I like to make the most of it. It’s fun to send and receive valentines with family members. And I love showing Tom how special he is to me all the time, so why not on Valentine’s day? And I sure don’t turn up my nose when he shows up with flowers or chocolate or any other gift.

Even in college, when Tom and I were separated on Valentine’s day because of being at different schools, my girlfriends and I would have Valentine’s (or even “anti-Valentines”) Day celebrations. We would eat together, have wine (senior year 😉 ), and watch Grey’s Anatomy.

Regardless of your thoughts on the subject, I know many of you will be celebrating it this weekend or next Monday. So, as promised, I dug through my Real Simple book to find some tips that would be helpful in all sorts of things related to this holiday.

1. Extend the life of those roses.


Believe it or not, adding a dash of bleach to your vase’s water will help extend the life of your flowers. Who knew?

2. Clean the Vase.


Just in case the vase you plan to put those flowers in is dirty or has some residue from its last bunch of blooms, one easy fix is to drop an antacid into some water in the vase. Let it sit a few minutes, swirl, then pour it out.

Another option is to put water, dishwashing soap, and either egg shells or dry rice in the vase. Shake it around, pour it out, and repeat until clean.

3. Cut the cheese(cake).


This has to be one of the most popular desserts for Valentine’s Day. Use some floss, pulled tight, to cut this sticky cake into slices.

4. Let the chocolate flow.


Melted chocolate would go great drizzled on your cheesecake! To heat it up quickly, put it in a heatproof bowl, and set it on the heated part of your coffeemaker (where the coffeepot sits). Stir it as you go until it’s ready, then remove it. Easy!

5. Give your sweetie some sugar.

(source) (not my mouth)

For smooth lips, mix sugar and petroleum jelly together and rub the mixture on your lips until roughness is gone. Smooth, kissable lips.

Viola! Five easy things to do in preparation for V-Day.

And, here for free, guys, are five things almost any girl can appreciate as a truly thoughtful gift:

1. Make her her favorite meal. This includes you looking up the recipe, finding out the ingredients, doing the grocery trip, and- very important- doing the dishes afterwards too.

2. Do that chore she hates for her without making a big deal about it. Let her realize it when she goes to do it and it’s already done. Hint: You have to do this really well; if you do a cruddy job, she will want to go back after you and do it again.

3. Give her a foot massage, back rub, head rub, whatever. Or, even better, buy her a massage certificate from a spa.

4. If she’s mentioned something that she liked a while back (perfume, shirt, shoes, whatever), just go get it for her. Not sure of her size and have no way of checking? When in doubt, go for the smaller size and get a gift receipt. Hint: lingerie is a gift women feel you have gotten yourself, not her. So that probably shouldn’t be what you get her.

5. Rent or get tickets to the movie she’s been wanting to see, even if it’s a chick flick, and surprise her with a movie night, including, maybe numbers 1 and 3 on the list. And some cheesecake. And chocolate.


7 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Made Simple”

  1. Since restaurants are so ridiculous on Valentines Day, James and I often like to go out to eat either the day before or the day after the holiday instead. We never really celebrate Valentines, but we love to eat out in an empty restaurant!

    1. I gotcha. Yeah, they are so expensive! Smart to go ahead. This is y’all’s first V-day with a baby. Are you going to get a babysitter or bring her with you?

      1. I’m not sure – we haven’t talked about it! James is out of town this week, so I guess we’ll figure it out when he gets home =)

  2. This year we both took valentines day off to spend it with each other.
    And I’m going to attempt flaming strawberry cupcakes.

    Should be fun. 🙂
    I actually love some of the cheesy stuff they put out there because we just walk through the store and mock it all for like an hour before buying some candy and running off.

    Of course, there’s also the hilariously tasteless items to choose from…


    1. Those cupcakes look awesome. =) But that teddy bear really had me in giggles, which is probably not a great indicator of me being a mature adult. Still, it was funny. =)

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