I started nannying Will a year ago. Every now and then I’ll see a picture of him from back then, and for some reason I’m surprised at how much he’s changed.


He was a little bitty baby who was still working hard to master sitting up on his own. He hated taking bottles, and he would eat pretty much any baby food. He loved to bounce in his jumper. And he was my subject while I was learning about my camera.


He’s a little boy.

He can walk and run and play. He definitely has an opinion about things, including what foods he will and will not eat. He’s great about drinking his milk now that he’s older. His favorite item is the blanket in the picture above, and he enjoys sneaking into their pantry shelves to see what food they have at any given time. And he’s still my most often photographed subject.

Will’s my buddy.

I’m lucky that I’ve gotten to work with him so much over the last year. If there’s anyone’s child that I want to spend that much time with, it’s him.


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