I Love Sunsets

This month the sky has been ablaze with gorgeous colors at the sunset hour. I only wish that it took longer for the sun to sink. Nevertheless, Tom and I walked up to the road outside our neighborhood last night so that I could play with the light for a few minutes.

I was originally going to do something like this for my Valentine’s Day post. I’m always running a little late.

Tom’s really great about being my subject/assistant/pack mule/whatever I need when it comes to taking pictures. He even jumped in and took some of me.

And then I started to get the “I’m in front of the camera, so let me make a total fool of myself for all the people walking and driving by” thing that happens to some of us. And I started being goofy.

And then I decided I would do a pose that was inspired by Michael, a friend from Tom’s college days at Georgia Tech. He was always doing this in photos. (And, yes, Michael, I made the face, even though you can’t see it.)

And here are a couple more. Oh the difference mascara makes between a girl and a boy. (Though Tom does have some pretty great eyelashes.)



I love sunsets.


5 thoughts on “I Love Sunsets”

  1. Those are some fun shots. You should get up early and see the colors of the sunrises lately. They have been nothing short of spectacular. Both the sunrises and sunsets have been a great reminder of the awesome power of our Creator God.

    1. Thanks! I do see the sunrises when I drive to work, but I don’t have time to pull over and document them. Maybe I should force myself up and out of bed early on a Tuesday when I have the day off!

  2. Looks like fun! I love sunset silhouettes. ^^

    Maybe next time we do a walk we can strap on our cameras and find a peak or do a little sunset silhouette shooting with the beautiful reeds, branches, and other flora in the park.

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