Natural light is probably my favorite tool in taking photos. It gives the best look to a photograph, in my opinion. And it can’t be replicated by a flash or an editing program, at least, not by me.

Last night, Tom and I dropped off a meal for some friends in our small group who just had a baby. And I do mean just. Raegan is four days old, and they had come home from the hospital the night before. I was itching to take a picture of that teeny baby girl. And the sun was gone.

So instead of worrying about getting a really good shot, I took a few and mainly just held her.

I marveled at such long fingernails on such tiny fingers. And at how her hair was so blonde, it was practically translucent.  And at how she had that precious “newborn smell.” And how she was the tiniest baby I had ever held at under her birth weight of 6lbs, 3 0z.  It was like holding a doll.

(Tara and Raegan)

And I admired how Tara, after hours and hours of labor, followed by nights of little sleep and days of pure exhaustion, was smiling and glowing and generally looking great. And how Chris, who was also worn out, was happily discussing work outs with Tom.

I had turned into a broken record, because all I could say was “sweet” and “precious” about 3,000 times. I can’t wait to see this tiny baby grow into someone with a personality all her own as Chris and Tara dive into parenthood. It’s so neat to be in a small group with couples that are starting a new journey in life.

And I really can’t wait to get back over there sometime when the sun is out.


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