Friday Favorite: The Otterbox

I am accident prone and clumsy.

I think we have established that before, when discussing my falling down a lot, stabbing myself in the hand, etc. I mean, if a meteor were to fall from the sky and hit one person on earth, it would make a beeline trail to Suwanee, GA and land on my head, just so it could add insult to injury as I tripped over my own feet while walking on a flat, even surface.

So I guess no one should be surprised that I drop my phone. Often.

My poor Palm Pre didn’t stand a chance. Already prone to suffer problems, as the hardware was faulty, being dropped did not help things with my old phone. So when Tom and I made the switch to the HTC Evo 4G, which we both love, by the way, neither of us was willing to risk my new phone suffering as my old one had.

This was not going to happen to me:


Enter Otterbox.

Otterbox is a brand that sells cases for cellphones, iPods, iPads, Kindles, Nooks, etc. They have all different levels of protection.

We decided that we needed maximum protection for my phone, and I received a “Defender Series” case for my Evo from Tom’s parents at Christmas.


It is defined on the site like this:

“About our Defender Series: An innovative three layer design protects your EVO from bumps, drops, scratches and dust while keeping your phone fresh as new. This rugged case boasts built-in touch screen protection, a top-quality polycarbonate mid-layer and durable silicone to top it all off.”

Sounds about right for me! The only thing missing is that they don’t make a case for the Evo that’s waterproof. Because, knowing me, I will be in a flood at some point.

Anyway, I’m sold on this product. I’ve been using it since Christmas day, and I LOVE IT. My phone is a little bulkier with the case, it’s true, but it also means that my phone doesn’t have a scratch on it.

And trust me, it has been dropped. On cement, on floors, on tables, in dirt, etc. It has been chewed on by teething one-year-olds and has had toothpaste flicked on it by accident as I read my email while brushing my teeth. It has bumped around in my car, my purse, and my pockets.

And it still looks like new.

I can also tell you from using my case over a touchscreen phone that it does not hinder touchscreen usability.

The only “complaint” I have is that the case’s kickstand broke. I put the word complaint in quotations because I never used the kickstand anyway. Not sure what I’m talking about?

My phone comes with a kickstand in the back in case I want it to be hands free during a video chat or a tv show I stream on my phone.


So, since it would be covered up with the case, and, therefore, it would be inaccessible, my Otterbox case had a plastic kickstand in the same spot so I could still use it like that if I wanted to.

But I never did. I just don’t think to use it. The other day, I was showing some friends in our small group my case and said, “yeah, the only negative in reviews I read on it is that the kickstand is supposed to be pretty weak.”

And as I said that, I opened the kickstand only to have it fall off in my hand. Guess the reviews were right. We all thought it was pretty funny, but it’s the only thing about the case that’s not solidly built, so, like I said, I didn’t care.

I know a lot of people who use the iPhone and many who have iPads or the iPod touch. Common complaint? This happening when they are dropped:



Shattering. Ouch.

Or what about the screen just getting scratched? That’s annoying.

Otterbox makes cases that would prevent that from happening. And, unlike with my phone, the iPhone cases have options for color, giving it a lot more personality (and making it easier to find in a purse):

Some colorful options for the iPhone:

The iPhone isn’t the only thing that can get a colorful case, though. A few other items and brands (complete list here) get options other than a black case as well. Bonus-  many of the different type of pink case’s proceeds help support breast cancer research.

I have even heard that there is a waterproof Otterbox case for the iPhone, but I couldn’t find it on their site. They do make waterproof cases for the iPod, though.

If waterproof cases in general are your thing, check out this link. It will take you to all of their waterproof cases, including some waterproof boxes where you can store any valuable items or documents you want to protect from possible water damage. (Just in case you take your will and the deed to your house with you when you go fishing, I guess.)

These cases don’t come cheap. They do cost more than your generic phone case. But trust me here, they are worth it.

Basically, what it comes down to is that paying $50 for a case is much better than paying for a new phone because you dropped and broke yours,  plus dealing with the hassle of having had to go without your phone for a while, losing all your pictures, videos, etc., on that phone,  then having to update your new phone to be as your old phone was- all customized to your liking.

If you have a phone or electronic device whose case is made by Otterbox, I really recommend getting it. Even if you are careful, there’s no guarantee that you won’t drop it or that someone else won’t knock it over on accident at some point. Better to be safe than sorry.

And these cases really are awesome. Check out the site for yourself, and see if your device is covered.


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