February Books

I started off this month with a book that is a favorite.

1. Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows by J.K. Rowling.


I don’t really know what to say about this book. Three scenarios come to mind: you’ve already read it (and so need no description), you are going to read it (and my synopsis would be a spoiler), or you are not interested in it for some reason (and so you don’t care to read a synopsis).

I think it’s my favorite of the Harry Potter series. I’ve read it so many times I’ve lost count, but I would wager a guess that this was about my 12th time through this particular book in the series. I love it.

2. The Pact by Jodi Picoult.


I read My Sister’s Keeper last month, and I felt pretty sad afterwards. But for some reason, I couldn’t resist picking up The Pact. I had read the back cover when I was in Target a few weeks ago, and I was drawn to the story line. So I picked it up at Border’s near the Mall of Georgia on sale (hint: the store is going out of business, so go check it out!!).

Basically, here is my summary: next door neighbors, the Golds and the Hartes, are best friends. So when their kids start dating, everyone is pleased, albeit not very surprised. What does catch them off guard is when Chris ends up in the ICU and Emily in the morgue after what Chris claims was a botched attempt at a suicide pact.

The aftermath of this situation affects the two families deeply, and Chris is charged by the state with first degree murder. The story follows the aftershocks of a suicide that no one saw coming, and what it means to different people to find out things they never wanted to know about those whom they held most dear.

Just like the last Picoult book I picked up, I found this one interesting and sad. I think the reason I keep coming back to her stories is that she looks at things in her books that most people wonder about but never want to actually discuss: teen suicide, abortion, stem cell research, children with deadly diseases, gay rights, malpractice, mental handicaps, and more…and their affects on people on all sides of the issues they present.

Even though I have figured that I probably won’t get a happy ending with her, I also realize that I will most likely get a realistic one. Maybe I’m speaking too soon, as I’ve only read two of her books. But I find them oddly addicting, and I wouldn’t be surprised to find myself reading more of her works throughout the year.

And that is all I read in this short month. I have more books lined up for March, though. Can’t wait!


3 thoughts on “February Books”

  1. Not sure if you follow “The Idea Room” blog or not, but she just posted a list of some of the books she has read recently and some of them looked like ones that you might like to add to your list. She had “The Hunger Games” on her list, so she may have similar taste in books as you.


    I recently read “The Help” (the last one on her list) and I really enjoyed it. It was a really good book about the South and the movie comes out this August.

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