Ahhh. The weather has been warm and lovely lately. I have been LOVING that it hit us early in Georgia- the last week and a half of February. (Now I just have to cross my fingers and hope that it doesn’t sneak in a mid-March snow.)

One of the side effects of this weather is the early blooms I’m seeing out and about.

Of course, with all the new grass and flowers and leaves comes pollen. My old enemy. And the muse for my much sought after poetry. Hmm.. I hear crickets…

But even the pollen can’t make me turn the stink eye on the pink surrounding me.

Or the yellow. Or purple. And the green. Bless the glorious green for coming back to reclaim lawns and branches.

And white. I somehow forget that white can be a very noticeable color in the spring. Soon these buds will be gorgeous white flowers covering trees on my street.

You can’t see it, but I’m smiling. I love color.

Bring it on, spring.


4 thoughts on “Spring”

  1. How exciting!!! I’m so glad that we’ll be there this weekend to see some of that, since it is still cold here.

    1. I feel so bad, because the weather forecast is for colder weather and rain all weekend. Boo! But maybe they will be wrong. They said the same last weekend, and it was sunny!!

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