Friday Favorite: Whirlyball

Whirlyball is something I had never even heard of until recently. But let me tell you something- it is fun. Even if you are horrible at it, like me.

The small group Tom and I are in decided to play this game together, and couple of weekends ago, we went to Whirlyball Atlanta to make that happen. (Well, most of us did. Some of them were missing because they were with their in-laws and/or were having a baby.)

Here’s how it works:

You have two teams with five players each, and you get in these little bumper cars called a “whirlybug.”


You have to steer the bumper car with one hand (it’s not a traditional bumper car, and it’s harder to steer than usual- for me, at least), and with the other hand, you hold this plastic scoop.


There is one ball, and to get points, you have to scoop up the ball and throw it into your team’s goal.

If you manage to get the ball to go from your scooper into that tiny hole on the goal, the goal will light up, and your team will get points. It is harder than it looks. (ie: I never made a goal.)

Rules and Restrictions:

You can also get points – for the other team- if the ref sees you doing a foul on one of the other team’s players.

These include:

*Colliding into someone with excessive speed. (4pts)

*Pushing off with hands or feet from someone else’s whilybug or the wall. (4pts)

*Touching the ball with your hands, unless it is stuck in your scoop or inside your whirlybug. (2pts)

*Rising up off your seat to block a shot. Your seatbelt must be secure. (2pts)

*Knocking someone elses’s scoop off the floor when it is covering the ball. (2pts)

Unless You’re Me.

Tom and I arrived a few minutes into the first game, so we didn’t hear any of these rules.

When I played, my team never won. I’m sure that’s a total coincidence.

I definitely didn’t collide into multiple people with excessive speed. Or drive off laughing afterwards.

Or push off the wall with my hands because the first time I was in a game, I had no idea how to get unstuck from the wall.

Or knock someone else’s scoop away from the ball because I can be a little competitive.

Nope. Not me.

This game is so fun, though. Especially if you and your friends have a certain disregard for the rules.  We had a blast, and, since everyone looks ridiculous, you don’t really worry about things like skill or looking like an idiot or that you are working up a sweat even though you aren’t moving anything but your arms.

You just have fun.

Do it. You know you want to.


ps- It can be a little expensive. Just wanted to warn you. Totally worth it, though.

4 thoughts on “Friday Favorite: Whirlyball”

  1. Ahhh, whirlyball – how I love thee. We have one out here north of Seattle, but we haven’t taken advantage of it yet. This is definitely a game where you see even your shyest of friends bring out their competitive sides. So much fun!!!

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