Tom and I have used services to back up our computers and external hard drives for years. Recently, we decided to make the switch to a new service.

The day that we started with them, and before all my files could be backed up, my newest external hard drive decided to give up the ghost.

With all of my pictures taken with my DSLR on it.

Tom has been working nonstop to see if he can save it. Otherwise, all my documentation of our lives and all photos I’ve taken as favors for others, and ALL OF IT will be gone.

I’m feelin’ ya, Vader.


7 thoughts on “Noooo!”

  1. Oh no. A couple of months ago Jason was making our storage more efficient, yet again, because he needed a terabit in the NAS box and he accidentally deleted everything. It took him days to recover most of the file. Hopefully Tom will be able to get yours!

    1. Thank you!! I have been praying so much about it. I just can’t wrap my head around the idea of it all being gone. So, I choose to believe God will spare me that loss. I hope He does, anyway. *sigh*

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