Princess Ella

Well, my hard drive is at a professional cleaning place, and hopefully they will be able to recover everything. Or anything.

But in the meantime, I am so grateful that I already gave all my photos from the weekend to my mom and sister because there were a lot covering an important milestone for my niece.

I was writing this post when my hard drive died on me. Now that my sister has put some pictures online, I can finish it. These pictures are tiny because I just used “print screen” to grab them, but it’s better than none. Also, to give due credit, some of these were taken on my mom or sister’s cameras by them or my dad.


This weekend, Tom and I spent a lot of time in Covington because my sister, Kristen, and brother-in-law, James were in town with my niece, Ella. It was so fun to see them all, and we celebrated Ella’s first birthday with a princess party.


I made sugar cookies for the party. The piped on “E” is the same as the “E” in “Ella” from the invitation. The other cookies have crowns piped on to go with the princess theme.

Princess Ella seemed to like them.


My sister-in-law, Lisa, made the cake.

She is amazing when it comes to that kind of stuff. Her mom used to do it professionally (in fact, her mama made Jonathan & Lisa and Kristen & James’s wedding cakes), and she taught all her kids how to put together beautiful cakes as well. It’s a nice skill to have!

Someone loves cake. I love the look on her face in the picture below. So surprised!

And the princess herself was a total delight. She loved having so many people to dote on her, and she is just a little smiling ray of sunshine. She smiles and laughs constantly.

Unless of course, you try to take one of her gifts away that she wanted to play with. Nevermind that you were trying to get it out of the packaging for her. It was so rare to see her get an attitude that it was funny.

It was a birthday fit for a princess…and all the other royalty agreed. =)


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  1. We had so much fun, and the cookies were GREAT!! I won’t admit how many of them I ate, but I know that Roxi took home 4 of them because she loved them, too!

    Let me know if you need pictures of anything else that I might have pictures for. I can send them to you.

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