Driving Ms. Meghan

Will has developed a love of driving. He absolutely LOVES to sit in your lap when you have to move the car out of someone’s way in the driveway. And he is content to pretend to drive when it’s parked, pushing the buttons for the radio, windows, and locks. He also looks around for refreshments.


Coffee…for a one year old? I don’t know, bud. Better leave your Buddy’s coffee to her. (He calls Betty, his grandmother, “Buddy.” So cute!)


He has clearly got the art of pretending down, though.


He already has women throwing kisses at him as he drives.


And he drives one-handed, while checking out the ladies.

`Though, I’m thinking he might have some growing to do if he wants to look cool when driving. No one looks cool in a crouch on the drivers seat. Sure is cute, though.



7 thoughts on “Driving Ms. Meghan”

  1. He is so cute. He reminds me a bit of the little boy Tyson that I used to care for. Even though I know I made the right decision to stop babysitting, I still miss that little guy. Ah well, I’ll be getting my fill of toddlers next week while serving in the nursery at church. 🙂

    1. Yeah, I know that when I have my own kids and no longer nanny that I will miss him. But I think it’s even weirder to know he probably wouldn’t remember me at all if I quit right now. …strange.

      1. You might be surprised – James still remembers stuff from his nanny’s house at that age. Of course, she was his nanny until he was older, but he remembers stuff from being really little.

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