Friday Favorite: Karma Cards by New Leaf Paper

Recently I made a trip to Office Depot to get some stuff for my new system for couponing (another post, another day), and while there I couldn’t resist walking down the stationery isle.

I love stationery.

I have a ridiculous amount of stationery- occasion cards, thank you cards, blank notes, etc. I am a paper goods addict.

Anyway. I have a new “paper goods” crush. It’s the Karma Card line by New Leaf Paper.

I had never noticed these in stores before, but the cute little bird caught my attention. The box it came in screamed “recycled” at me (just the fact that it was brown cardboard). And they are made of recycled materials. But that’s not what makes them so cool.

The best part is inside.

The crease is actually perforated so it can be torn in half. The top half, with the picture on the reverse, is actually a post card. The idea is that you write your note to someone on the lower half, and mail it. Then they tear off the top half and use it as a post card.

That is such a creative use of paper! I love it. You could even go ahead and stamp the post card and fill it out with your address if you wanted the post card used as a reply to your note.

Another thing I love? There are 8 cards. Half have one color scheme, and the other half have another.

I didn’t even realize that until I brought them home. I might even like the green one better! Or maybe not. I love them both.

Apparently, since New Leaf Paper is a merchant that sells its own products, it doesn’t often use other stores. But they have a partnership with Office Depot. Online, some people say they also found some NLP products at Target around Earth Day, but that was the only time.

Anyway, the price is exactly the same at Office Depot as what New Leaf charges on their site, so there is no mark up. All of their Karma Cards and pricing are online, so you could just order them there if you prefer.

I like their tagline for this product, ” Get love…and…Give Love.” (Obviously because you get a card and send a postcard.)

I know when I get a handwritten note, it’s more exciting than an email. So comparing little notecards/postcards with love? Not too much of a stretch for me.

Check out New Leaf Products today. They don’t just make notecards- they run the whole gamut of recycled paper goods.

Definitely a new favorite for me.


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