How Not To Ride A Horse (Also, How Not to Take a Picture aka Flash Everyone Around You)

Well, for someone who promised you plenty of stories about my weekend, I sure didn’t follow through yesterday. All I can say is that yesterday I didn’t get on my computer at all; I just couldn’t add one more thing to my day, including my blog. But today is a new day, and it requires a new post.

As promised, I am going to share a couple of the alluded to stories- miniature horses and flashing my brother-in-law. Hold onto your hats, folks.

Alrighty. The Hooper family and the McFarlin family go way back. Like, 23 years back.

They vacation together, go to church together, attend each other’s birthdays, etc. Suzanne Hooper (a year older than Tom) and Will Hooper (a year younger than Tom and a year older than Ben) are siblings, and pretty much are like extended siblings for Tom and Ben.

Needless to say, we’re all pretty tight.

Now that you have the family history, you can understand why we all were looking forward to spending our Saturday night attending the birthday of their 91-year-old grandma, Kathleen. She is hilarious, and we love her.

So we all headed to the Hooper homestead, which is pretty much a farm. They raise and sell goats (not as their main income, just for kicks, I guess), and they also board horses. Recently that has extended to a few miniature horses.

After a couple hours of socializing, playing lawn games, and eating, I got out my camera, and we (all the youngins) decided to go get some cute and some silly pictures in the pasture. Which led to Suzanne, who just happens to be six feet tall, getting the idea to pose on a miniature horse. Little did we know that this horse had some spunk, and it took her for a short ride.

It definitely took her by surprise. And then I took everyone by surprise by flashing them.

Yep. I just said that.

I had my 50mm lens on the camera, and since I couldn’t zoom in or out with it, I was moving myself around to adjust. I decided to sit down on a stump next to the wire fence to get a better angle, then changed my mind and stood up. When I did, the wire on the fence caught my dress. See where this is going?

I pulled against it, and all in a sudden, it snapped free- and up to my waist. Wonderful.

Suffice it to say, I wasn’t wearing granny-panties. Extra bad since I ripped a hole in the dress. Mortifying, but it could have been worse. I could have been with people that haven’t known me for 13 years.

Anyway. The moral of the story is to think about what you’re doing when you’re trying to get a good picture. And be sure that you get a funny picture of the person you’re most embarrassed to have flashed out of those situations. Like your brother-in-law getting an unplanned trip on a 3 foot tall horse.

Other than the awful dress incident, it was a pretty great night.

Well, maybe not for the mini horses. Though, to be fair, Ben and Suze were just standing over them with their weight on the ground when the little dudes just took off running with people having to jump off.

And we got the chance to meet Kelly, Will’s girlfriend. She’s got such a variety of interests- everything from knitting to motocross racing. No kidding.

Ben and Lana did some cute shots blowing on dandelions. Did you ever used to make a wish and then try to blow all the pieces off a dandelion to “make it come true?” I did.

Tom and I mostly took goofy pictures, but we got a few “normal ones” together too. This was post-flashing and dress ripping. I was feeling very concerned about the hole in my dress and trying not to flash anyone again.

As for Tom, he had been running around doing funny pictures, and he had managed to rip a hole in his pants. Not a great night for clothes in our family.

That was not the end of the night. We headed inside and took lessons from Kathleen on Wii Dance. But that is a post for another day.


8 thoughts on “How Not To Ride A Horse (Also, How Not to Take a Picture aka Flash Everyone Around You)”

  1. Oh my goodness, I just read this whole blog out loud to Brian! Too funny….but even with your “worrying about your dress,” you look beautiful in the picture of you and Tom. We’re thinking about planning a visit next month or the next depending on how busy yall are 🙂

    1. Aww, thanks! Glad you and Brian enjoyed the post. haha Can’t wait for y’all to come visit! Let’s get it on the calendar! =)

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